Maandelijkse bijdragen

Het is heel eenvoudig. Wij - Imam en Agus & Martine - hebben "genoeg" en willen graag iets doen voor degene die zeker niet "genoeg" hebben. Het kan niet eenvoudiger.
Smartine Indonesia Travel doneert een bepaald percentage van de inkomsten, terwijl Imam maandelijks sponsoren benaderd.

Mrs. Mesira - picture is not yet availableMrs Mesira is a woman in her sixties - more or less. She recently suffered a stroke.

Mrs. Mesira close up - picture not yet availableMrs Mesira also lives in Kampong Klojen. She suffered a stroke in August 20108. Since then she has to be taken care off by her daughter in law Iin. She can sit, but that's all.
Mrs Mesira needs help with everything as she only can sit and lay down. She now heavily depends on her son who has to take care of his own family too. Both physical and financial a heavy task.


Mrs Mesira's household income

Mrs Mesira has three children. Her second child Yayang lives with her and is the Iin's husband. Yayang and Iin have 3 children as well. Her first child is a daughter and lives in Surabaya. Her last son is a parking attendant nearby, and also has 3 children. His income isn't enought to support his mother.  
Yayang works as a part timer at one of Indonesia's bank. He refills the ATMs.


Local support Malang

With this only income Yayang has to take care of his wife, his three children, his own mother and his mother in law. His mother in law also suffered a stroke and can only lay on her bed. She originates from Singosari - just north of Malang - but nobody could take care of her. Physical and financial a heavy task for the whole family. 
One can imagine that financial help is more than welcome. 


Help locals. Would you like to meet this family? You are more than welcome.
Would you like to make a donation? Yearly, monthly, just once... Please do. You can contact us for more information on how to make the donation and on how to be sure the money arrives at the right spot.


Expenditures (in IDR x 1000)

2017 - - 50 50 50 100 - 50 50 50 - -
2018 - 50 - 50  50 150  75  100 100  100  100  
GRAND TOTAL                       1175


Maandelijke bijdragen

Alle mensen die een bijdrage krijgen uit het programma "Maandelijkse Bijdragen". Klik op een van de onderstaande foto's om een kort persoonlijk verhaaltje te lezen en waarom hulp nodig is.


Mr. Ewer at Kampong Klojen



munir small image



Ibu Tum - citizen Kampong Klojen, Malang



Mr. Melka - Kampong Klojen



Ibu Landep



Viano - 5 years old


Those who left the program

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