Maandelijkse bijdragen

Het is heel eenvoudig. Wij - Imam en Agus & Martine - hebben "genoeg" en willen graag iets doen voor degene die zeker niet "genoeg" hebben. Het kan niet eenvoudiger.
Smartine Indonesia Travel doneert een bepaald percentage van de inkomsten, terwijl Imam maandelijks sponsoren benaderd.

Miss Ami monthly receives a gift from Smartine Indonesia TravelMrs Ami and her 2 children live with her parents in law as her husband died in 2017.

Miss Ami in Kampong Suropati, Malang city - East Java, IndonesiaMrs Ami is in her thirties. She lives with her parents in law as her husband died in 2017. Mrs Ami has 2 children, of 7 and 10 years old.
To generate an income mrs Ami sells shirts online. Sidejobs are washing clothes for neighbours and cleaning houses - on request. All jobs aren't generating a regular income, while expenses are regular. The children have to go to school and her parents in law also need to eat. What about water and electricity...


Life as a single mom is hard in Indonesia

A woman's life with children and without a husband is hard in Indonesia. Being a divorced woman or a single mother carries a social stigma. The negative treatment of unmarried women and single mothers by their communities includes the suspicion that they “will instantly become someone's mistress or a home wrecker”, sexual harassment in the workplace and in the neighbourhood, and stigmatisation “as lonely women badly in need of a man”. In addition, divorcees and remarried widows are perceived as having failed as wives, as mothers and as women (source:


Most Indonesians haven't secured their pension

Mrs Ami's parents in law are already old and aren't working. Pension is only guaranteed for civil servants. Others have to arrange their pension on their own. How to financially arrange your pension if your daily income isn't yet sufficient or even enough to buy yourself and your family food. By the end of 2016 only 27% of the total of 50 million people in the productive age are participants (source:
Even fewer people arranged their finance or have an insurance to support their family in case one of the parents dies, or both.
Mrs Ami depends on those who can and are willing to help her.




Miss Ami entered the programme in April 2018.

2018 - - - 50 75 100 50   100  100 75   75  75
2019 75 75 75                  
GRAND TOTAL                       925






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