Going Social

Het is heel eenvoudig. Wij - Imam en Agus & Martine - hebben "genoeg" en willen graag iets doen voor degene die zeker niet "genoeg" hebben. Het kan niet eenvoudiger.
Smartine Indonesia Travel doneert een bepaald percentage van de inkomsten, terwijl Imam maandelijks sponsoren benaderd.

Over the years the number of our social support projects have grown. Now there are that many that it is too much work and costs us too much man-power to write all details of those who we support and the allowences we share, as we used to do before. Therefore, from now on - June 2021 - we will give you a less extensive overview.
When you visit Indonesia, you are still more than welcome to come along and visit the kampongs and those in the program. To explore a little of authentic Java and to ask those who you are helping about what they get on how they experience it.

Smartine Indonesia Travel's social support can be devided into three subjects. Firstly, helping those in need in three kampongs in Malang city. That can either be a monthly allowence or a one time donation. Secondly, helping out the Tengger community near Mount Bromo. Though one might think that the community around Mount Bromo is rich because the yearly loads of visitors, only a few profit from tourism. Thirdly, we donate both money and outings to the Dutch foundation 'Wees een Kind', translated 'Be a Child', as we believe that a proper education is the road to relieve poverty.


Monthly allowences

Monthly about 30 people receive money to have some extra to buy food.



 Tengger Community

Around Mount Bromo: children's education and trash management



 Foundation 'Wees een Kind'

At 'Wees een Kind' a max of 16 children get supported to get food, a roof, and schooling.