Beach cleanup Jember was organized according to the idea of Art's Pala Volunteer. On 9 and 10 February, 12 Art's Pala volunteers set foot on Jember's beaches Payangan dan Teluk Love and camped overnight. The weekend-program 'beach clean up Jember' consisted of cleaning Payangan beach and Teluk Love beach. The volunteers did not only collect waste, but they also planted mangrove trees and organized a public discussion about the importance of a clean environment and sustainable tourism. It was a fruitful exchange of knowledge according to Mr. Tris, the chairman of Art's Pala Volunteer. 


Art's Pala Volunteer at work: Beach Clean Up Jember, February 2020


Beach clean up Jember by Art's Pala Volunteers

Actually, it was the second time Art's Pala Volunteers went to Jember to collect waste. Their first visit was in 2016. "We try to learn to do the right thing", said Tris.
To teach the Tengger-children and children elsewhere in East Java Art's Pala Volunteer also enroll activities further from home.
Art's Pala Volunteer is a non-profit organization founded in the Bromo-Tengger area. The organization stands for a clean environment and education for children. Though Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia's most visited sites, only a small part of the Tengger-community is receiving the benefits - such as access to education and a clean environment - of this success.
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What you can do to help the Bromo community? 

Unfortunately, at the moment you can't do more than not leaving your trash behind. Probably you are doing that... But, that certainly makes a difference.
Renting a horse might help the horseman and his family to have a decent meal and some cash to send the children to school.
Travel with us, as we donate to Art's Pala Volunteer. Yearly a certain percentage of our balance. 
Or, would you like to be part of an activity such as Beach Clean Up Jember? Let us know.

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