Read our values
    • Craftsmanship

      We don't believe in the restrictions of the standard tour. Instead we dare to create our own solutions and in the process we come up with unique ideas in the fields of handling all kinds of customers, such as campers, trolley trekkers or families.


    • Quality

      We spend time emailing, chatting, and calling to create your perfect tour. All of our tours are created in-house by the very same people that operate, support and continue to improve them afterwards. We are never satisfied with „good enough“. Our hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure our products' and service's quality.


    • Passion

      Everyone working in Smartine does their job with passion. We are creating a people-centric company full of talented, enthusiastic folks who enjoy coming to work every day. Agus chooses, meets and passionately negotiates with each of our partners, to ensure you get the best service. Our drivers are geeks in their own way, passionate about driving and security on the road. And all of us are passionate about you - the customer.


    • Integrity

      We oppose the widely-accepted practice of impersonal service, based on pre-defined template answers. For us, service is more than just having someone to address a question to. Our mission is to reimagine the tourism industry in ways that your tour is more fulfilling and creates a lasting memory of Indonesia.


  • Fun

    Most of the innovative tours that we have developed and sell started out as afterhours side-projects. Our employees travel themselves and with us as a company, to search for new innovative travel ideas and to find the real Indonesian spots to visit. The investment in our employees' happiness is an investment in the happiness of our clients.