Paradise island Karimunjawa

Complete relaxation at the romantic and beautiful islands of the Karimunjawa archipelago. Snorkeling, island hopping, even diving, cycling, or hiking. Karimunjawa is the complete package for a great balance between relaxation, exploration and activation...


Wander at the many snow white desolate beaches of Karimunjawa Sunset at one of the beaches at Karimunjawa - pick your spot Visit the art center at Karimunjawa - Central Java


Itinerary: From Surabaya to Karimunjawa, drop Yogya - 4 days / 3 nights

Karimunjawa is a group of islands at a 2 hours boat ride from Jepara, north of Central Java. Some islands are inhabited, but most aren't. The main island Karimunjawa has one village and consists in a few streets only. Karimunjawa is connected to Java by boat and by plane.
This tour can also be traveled from Yogyakarta with end in Surabaya.

The authentic atmosphere of Karimunjawa makes it a perfect destination to have an original experience.

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From Surabaya to Jepara and then by boat to KarimunjawaDay 1; symbol. Tour to Karimunjawa in Central Java

Day 1; symbol. Tour to Karimunjawa in Central JavaExplore Kamimunjawa's beaches before sunset

You will depart midnight. You will be picked up by a travel company at your hotel or at the airport, who drives you directly to the ferry in Jepara. It takes about 7 hours driving. The ferry departs early morning. With the slow boat it takes 4 hours, while with the fast boat it will take 2 hours. Slowly the main land fades, while the blue sea resets your mind.
In Karimunjawa you will meet our local team, who will walk with you to your homestay.
In the afternoon you have time to explore the island by bike or motorbike. Find yourself at one of the perfect beaches to see the sunset.

Note: one can also fly from Surabaya to Karimunjawa on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The flight departs at 12:25. It is a small plane with only a few seats. It is a one hour flight. Additional costs involved if you prefer to fly.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Hostel The Happinezz - Hostel The Happinezz offers five clean & comfortable rooms with private bathroom and free Wi-Fi. The room comes with a fan or AC. In the public area one can find a large shared kitchen with cooking equipment, fridge, blender and oven. You are free to use the kitchen. Your breakfast is prepared and included.
You can upgrade your hotel - please ask

Snorkeling and island hoppingSymbol day 2 - snorkeling and island hopping - Karimunjawa

Symbol day 2 - snorkeling and island hopping - KarimunjawaSnorkeling and island hopping

Today after breakfast you get to the harbour to meet your boat pilot for today. You will leave the main island Karimunjawa behind to explore some of the uninhabited tropical diamonds as well as the many wonderful snorkeling spots around the various islands. If you are lucky you can even see turtles or dolphins. You will have a fresh barbecue lunch at the beach on one of the islands.
Snorkel, swim and enjoy the beaches as longs as you feel up to it. When the sun is about to set, you will be heading back to the harbour of Karimunjawa. You will finish the tour with a beautiful sunset seen from the best thinkable spot; your boat.

Note: we can arrange a private boat if you prefer a private tour - additional costs involved.
Optional you can rent your own GoPro underwater camera, drybag, hammock for on the beach or upgrade your snorkeling mask to a full face mask.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Hostel The Happinezz

Hike to the top of Karimunjawa islandSymbol day 3 - day 3 of the tour to Karimunjawa archipelago

Symbol day 3 - morning hike to the top of the islandHike to the top of Karimunjawa island

Your wonderful local guide with loads of experience about local nature - and more - is your laughing morning star. After a short discussion the guide will estimate which route up hill will suite you. After some hiking - not too heavy stuff - you will find yourself on the canope of the island. Stunning views guaranteed. If you brought some snacks, drinking water and a camera, then please take your time to enjoy the moments.
Depending in your speed and the time you take at the several spots on the mountain, you will be back at your starting point in about 4 to 5 hours.
In the afternoon you will have a free program to do some shopping in the village, try local food, to relax on one of the beautiful beaches, to cycle around the island.... or to prepare for camping on the beach.

Optional: you could camp on the beach - additional costs involved

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Hostel The Happinezz

Enjoy the last morning at this paradise before heading to YogyakartaDay 4 of your tour to Karimunjawa

Symbol for day 4 - tour to KarimunjawaEnjoy your last morning - heading to Yogyakarta

A relaxed morning at your hotel. Do those things that you wanted to do before departure.... Then the boat will depart to Jepara where you will hop on the bus to Yogyakarta. You will arrive late afternoon in Yogyakarta.




Tour info - Karimunjawa // 4 days & 3 nights

DURATION: 4 days
TRAVELERS: no min. or max.


2 travelers: 145
3 or more: please contact us

Price includes: travel Surabaya - Jepara, 1x fastboat ticket (slowboat ticket has to be bought on the spot), 3 days motorbike rental, shared snorkeling and island hopping tour (including snorkeling gear, boat, guide, entrance fees to the islands, lunch and digital pictures made with an underwater camera), private hike with a guide to the top of the island, 3 nights accommodation in The Happinezz hostel, meals: 3x breakfast, travel Jepara - Yogyakarta
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, all lunches and dinners, optional tours (eg diving, explore the island by car, etc), flight return tickets Surabaya - Karimunjawa

Reservation - tour start Surabaya