Ecotourism: walk the rice fields

Kaliandra is spectacularly situated and is a indescribable special destination. The dedicated staff is determined to preserve the nature at Mt. Arjuno and local culture: gamelan music, traditional dances, batik and much more.


Eco grown vegetables by farmers of the Kaliandra Sejati Foundation Landscape around Kaliandra - rice farmers, ploughing with cows and rice fields The entrance gate to the foundation Kaliandra Sejati - East Java

Surabaya - Kaliandra: about 2.5 hours driving

Malang - Kaliandra: about 1.5 hours driving

Kaliandra is a foundation and a social enterprise set up in 1997. The foundation works with local communities to improve their standard of living for which community development programmes are carried out. The Kaliandra foundation also supports the conservation of natural and cultural resources.

Kaliandra manages part of its 40 hectare site as a certificated Organic Farm. Fruits and vegetables grown on the farm are used in Kaliandra's restaurant and are also sold in the cities Surabaya, Malang and Batam.
Kaliandra also works together with the farmers from the villages around the foundation to grow organic certified produce and helps the farmers to market the produce on a fair-trade basis.

As organic farming in modern countries might be something "normal", in Java it is way ahead of the developments! Especially considered that the foundation helps the farmers to market their products.


Rice field trekking tour

Surrounding the foundation, one can find besides vegetable farmers many rice farmers. These heavenly green fields at the slopes of Mt. Arjuno are breathtaking. Learn how these fields are worked, see the cows in action in front of the plough, talk to the farmers, see the intriguing irrigating system,explore village life and whatever you are interested in. Your specialized guide will help you to find your way and to ask your questions to the farmers.

The difficulty of the proposed route is easy and takes about 3 hours in a "slow" pace as you will take your time to gaze around. If you wish a more difficult route, longer or more strenuous, please contact us. Also in case of special wishes...


To add joy to your day

The Kaliandra Foundation also houses a Wellness Retreat, which certainly is worth a visit to spoil yourself. If you wish something cultural - learning to batik or to heavenly dive in a traditional dance - just ask.



Tour info - Kaliandra foundation

TRAVELERS: no max. or min. travelers
2 travelers: 67
3 travelers: 52
4 travelers: 45
5 travelers: 39

Price includes: private transport to Kaliandra and back, hiking guide, eco-lunch or eco-dinner
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, breakfast, optional tours

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