Bromo, Kalibaru and Ijen

Coffee, rubber, cacao, and 2 extremely different volcanoes. In 3 days and 2 nights from the western part of East Java to the east capturing definitely East Java's highlights.


Coffee beans - one can find many coffee plantations in Kalibaru Ijen crater lake - East Java Rubber trees - East Java


Itinerary: Mt. Bromo, Kalibaru & Mt. Ijen - 3 days

A break at the plantation area of Kalibaru in between visiting 2 inspiring and different volcanoes. In Kalibaru one can find coffee, rubber and cocao. Processing the plantation's products is as fascinating as the growing and harvesting process.

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Midnight departure for Mt. Bromo sunrise tourDay 1; symbol; Mt. Bromo sunrise tour - East Java

Day 1; Mt. Bromo sunrise tour - East JavaMt. Bromo sunrise tour - Kalibaru village

We will pick you up around midnight, either in Surabaya or Malang. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach Cemara Lawang village. Here you will change cars, and a local Jeep will bring you to one of the highest view points in the area, namely Mt. Pananjakan. Be prepared as it can be cold at the top, between 0 and 10 ºC. While the sun rises, colours keep on changing over this captivating landscape.
When you are set, you depart to cross the black sea of sand to get near the active volcano Bromo. Your Jeep will park at a 45 minutes walk from the top of Mt. Bromo. Take your time to enjoy your surroundings.
Once back at your Jeep, the driver will bring you back to Cemara Lawang and you will continue to Kalibaru village. You will be traveling in about 5 hours to this plantation area. Kalibaru is a fascinating area with a lot of history, cacao, coffee and rubber.

Explore the cacao, coffee and rubber plantations in the Kalibaru areaSymbol day 2 - Explore Kalibaru - plantations in East Java

Symbol day 2 - Explore Kalibaru - plantations in East JavaKalibaru plantations

You will be waited for after breakfast. You will visit a coffee, cacao and rubber plantation. You will get the opportunity to see how these cash crops are grown and how their produces become products (depending on the season of course). Walk the plantation, get in contact with those who work at the plantation and ask your questions. Processing coffee, cacao and rubber is a fascinating process, and all three differ in every aspect.
Then you will continue to the East to spend your night in a hotel near the Ijen Plateau.

Visit the most acidic lake in the world with its wonderfull green-blueish colorSymbol day 3 - Visit Ijen crater lake on your third day of your tour to Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen

Symbol day 3 - Visit Mt. Ijen - East JavaThe green blueish most acidic lake on earth...

Your hike starts at Paltuding early morning. If you wish the see the blue fire, you depart around midnight, otherwise it will be around 05:00. Although it is just a 3 kilometers walk, it might take about 1,5 hours s the slope can be rather steep. On your way to the lake, you will meet the famous sulphur miners. They carry on their shoulders 70 to 100 kg of sulphur down the slopes. Take your time to walk around in this gripping environment before heading back to the parking area.
Before heading to your next destination - depending on your schedule, your route and your interests - you can visit the sulphur purifying factory in Licin village, and a coffee plantation and a waterfall. Then we will drop you at your next destination.




Tour info - Mt. Bromo, Kalibaru & Mt. Ijen

DURATION: 3 days
TRAVELERS: no min. or max.

Price includes: private transport, 4WD Jeep at Mt. Bromo, entrance fee to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, entrance fee to Ijen crater lake, 2 nights accommodation, entrance fee Kalibaru plantation, meals: 2x breakfast, mineral water in reasonable amounts, seasonal fruit
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, all lunches and dinners, optional tours

Reservation - tour start Surabaya