Bromo & Ijen tour - 3 days

Even if you aren't a morning person, these almost outerspace sites may inspire an early wake-up call - for 2 days in a row.
• This tour starts in Surabaya 


Madakaripura waterfalls - Probolinggo, near mount Bromo Sunset over Mt. Bromo Standing at Ijen crater lake


Itinerary: Bromo Ijen tour - 3 days & 2 nights

Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen are 2 worthy highlights in East Java. Both are active volcanoes and part of the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is a large 40,000 km long line in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. It has 452 volcanoes, that is more than 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes.
You will have to wake up early each morning, but get rewarded with a moonlike landscape at Mt. Bromo and the most acidic green blueish lake in the world!
Come along on this 3 days Bromo Ijen tour. More than worthwhile....

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Madakaripura Waterfall and the Hindu Tengger regio near Mt. BromoDay 1; symbol; tour to Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen - East Java

Day 1; symbol; tour to Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen - East JavaHeading to Mt. Bromo and visit the enchanting Madakaripura waterfall

You will be picked up at Juanda International Airport, the train station or at your hotel in Surabaya. If you arrive in the morning, you will have time to visit the enchanting Madakaripura Waterfalls. Be ready to get wet!
Once back at your private car, you continue to Cemara Lawang village with beautifull views over the caldera and mount Bromo. You will have time to explore the Hindu Tengger area and culture with your driver. Then you can choose a good spot to witness the sunset.


Witness the sun rising over Mt. Bromo and its stunning landscapeSymbol day 2 - Bromo sunrise tour

Symbol day 2 - Bromo sunrise tourBromo sunrise tour

Around 03:00 your private Jeep is ready for departure. Your driver will bring you to one of the highest view points in the area, Mt. Pananjakan, to see the sunrise. Sunrises can be spectacular. Colours and views depend on the weather conditions.
After sunrise, you will descend to the whispering volcanic sea of sand. If you wish to walk, just ask the driver to stop. Otherwise he will bring you till near the Luhur Poten temple, from where it is a 45 minutes walk to the top of Mt. Bromo. Take your time in this inspiring landscape.
When back at the Jeep, you will be brought back to your hotel. You can have breakfast and a nice shower before checking out and heading to Bondowoso city.

Note: during public holidays and during high season (July and August), Mt. Pananjakan can get very crowded. If you then wish to see the sunrise from another less famous spot, please let us know.

Visit the most acidic lake in the world with its wonderful green-blueish colorSymbol day 3 - Visit Ijen crater lake on your third day of your tour to Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen

Symbol day 3 - Visit Mt. Ijen - East JavaIjen crater lake

You will depart at 04:00 as it is a 2 hours drive from Bondowoso to Paltuding, the entrance to Mount Ijen.
Once in Paltuding, it takes about 1.5 hours walking to the top of mountain Ijen, from where you can see the most acidic lake in the world. That is Ijen crater lake. One can't walk around the lake as some parts are too dangerous. The fabulous contrasting colors, the turquoise lake, the sulphuric yellow, and the brownish surroundings completed with a smoking crater, arrange the site to be a special spot. 
You will meet the sulphur miners on your way to the top. Most of the miners have a trolley these days. They wheel their trolleys with loads up to 200 kg down to the sulphur weighing station just behind the parking area. Some miners still carry their harvest in bamboo baskets on their shoulders down the slopes of Mount Ijen. These baskets weigh up to 100 kg.
Feel inspired and explore. Walk your day.

After a local snack and a welcoming cup of coffee or tea, you will be heading to your next destination. Depending on your time schedule and direction you can visit the sulphur purifying factory in Licin village, a coffee plantation area, and a waterfall.

Note: please understand that hiking down into Ijen's crater to see Ijen's Blue Flames (or fire) is officially forbidden at any time. These are the official rules issued by the Indonesian Volcanology department. It is forbidden as the slopes are rather steep, the acidic lake is dangerous with a pH below 0.3 on a scale from 0 to 14 - 7 is neutral, and the volcano unpredictably emits toxic gasses. 
If you insist on seeing the blue fire, we will assist you by departing at midnight to Paltuding. Hiking down into the Ijen crater will be at your own risk. Smartine Indonesia Travel can't be held liable in any case that something happens.


  • This 3-day tour to mount Bromo and mount Ijen can also start in Malang.
  • Sukamade turtle beach is an adventure you will never forget. You can prolong the tour with 1 day by adding turtle spotting in Meru Betiri National Park after you visited Ijen crater lake. It thus will become a 4-day tour.



Tour info - Mt. Bromo & Mt. Ijen // 3 days

DURATION: 3 days
TRAVELERS: no min. or max.


2 travelers: 195
3 travelers: 175
4-5 travelers: 160

Price includes: private transport with air conditioning, 4WD Jeep for the Bromo sunrise tour, friendly little English speaking driver, fuel, toll, parking, English speaking guide if with 4 travelers or more, entrance fee to the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, entrance fee to Ijen crater lake, health certificate to hike Ijen, 2 nights accommodation (Cemara Lawang village: Cafe Lava or similar, Bondowoso city: Ijen View), meals: 2x breakfast, daily mineral water in reasonable amounts, daily fresh seasonal fruit, ferry to Bali

Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, all lunches and dinners, optional tours (e.g. blue fire tour, not included as the possibility to visit these objects depends on local weather conditions)

Reservation - tour start Surabaya