Travel from Bromo to Bali in 1 day

Volcano Bromo lies in a glorious black volcanic ashen Sea of Sand and is surrounded by the the towering cliffs of the caldera's edge.


4wd Jeep at Bromo, standing in the Sand Sea The sand sea of mount Bromo Travel from Bromo to Bali - take the ferry in Banyuwangi

Itinerary: Travel from Bromo to Bali in 1 day

Mt. Bromo - 2392 m tall - is one of three volcanoes in the ancient caldera, that stretches 10 km across. Only Bromo is an active volcano. Often mount Batok - standing next to mount Bromo - is mistaken for the famous Bromo. The sea of ashen volcanic sand forms a moonlike hilly landscape one has to cross to get near the active volcano.


Travel from Bromo to Bali: Bromo sunrise tour with drop in BanyuwangiDay 1; symbol. Bromo sunrise tour with drop in Ketapang harbour

Day 1; symbol; Bromo sunrise tour, drop in KetapangTravel from Bromo to Bali: Bromo sunrise tour with drop in Banyuwangi

A comfortable private car with enough space for all your luggage and an experienced friendly driver will pick you up at your hotel in Malang. In about 3 hours you will drive to Cemara Lawang village where a Jeep is waiting to bring you to mount Pananjakan. You can leave your luggage safely in your private car.
Mount Pananjakan is one of the highest viewpoints in the area. Have a warming cup of coffee or tea, and if you like a local snack, before you choose your spot at the viewpoint.
It can be cold at the viewpoint; between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. Bring some warm clothes.
Walk the last 150 m to the viewpoint when the sun is about to rise. Be ready for the ever changing colors in the sky. The weather conditions determine the scenery.
When the sun has risen and you have warmed up, meet your Jeep-driver. Your tour continues to the sea of sand. You will have to cross this sea in the caldera to get near mount Bromo.
Bromo is an active volcano. It only takes 45 min to hike to the top. Take your time to experience...
Once back at the Jeep, you will return to Cemara Lawang to change back to your comfortable car. Your journey to Bali starts. Keep in mind that it is a long drive of about 7 hours, depending on traffic conditions.
Comfortable travel from Bromo to Bali....


  • Options to visit Mt. Bromo:
    If midnight is too early, you can opt for the Bromo panorama tour. You will then depart around 4 or 5 am. Another advantage of leaving around 5 am is that the crowds at mount Bromo have almost disappeared by the time that you arrive. Most people leave the area around 09:00 or 10:00.
    During raining season, a panorama tour isn't preferable. But, you can alsways take your chances.
  • More time? Do you have a day extra? You could also visit mount Ijen in a 2 days and 1 night tour. Read Mount Bromo & mount Ijen in 2 days.


Tour info - Bromo, drop Ketapang

TRAVELERS: no min. or max.


2 travelers: 120
3 travelers: 110
4-5 travelers: 97

Price includes: private transport with air coniditoning to Cemara Lawang and from Cemara Lawang to Ketapang, Jeep for Bromo sunrise tour, fuel, parking, friendly little English speaking driver, English speaking guide if 4 travelers or more, breakfast, entrance fee Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, coffee break at Mt. Pananjakan, ticket ferry to Bali
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, horse riding at Mt. Bromo, optional tours

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