Ijen crater lake & Ijen Plateau

The Ijen Plateau is characteristic for its coffee plantation and the settlements where the workers live. Explore Javanese life at the Ijen Plateau before heading to one of Indonesia's most famous icons, the green blueish most acidic lake in the world.

Coffee has been grown on the Ijen Plateau since the 19th century Village at the Ijen Plateau - mainly for workers at the coffee plantation Some vegetables are grown at the Ijen Plateau - East Java

The fascinating Plateau, the spectacular lake, and the amazingly strong sulphur workers won't disappoint you.


Day 1; symbol. Visit Sendang Biru village on your first day of a 2 days trip to the south of Malang city - East JavaPick up in Malang City - Ijen Plateau exploration

The earlier we pick you up, the more time you will have to explore Ijen Plateau. This gripping environment lodges an about 2 centuries old coffee plantation, surrounded by active and dormant volcanoes. Coffee is being picked about 8 months a year and processed in the two coffee factories on the plateau itself. The workers live in colorful settlements in two villages. At the end of the day you can relax in a sulphuric hotspring and visit the waterfall. Its water flows underground all the way into the Java Sea.


Symbol day 2 - hiking to Segara Anakan lagoon at Sempu island - East JavaIjen crater lake and sulphur miners

At first glance it seems a beautiful lake with its specific color, but if you dig into the facts you might feel fear. Ijen crater lake is actually an ingenuous deadly lake. It's pH is even lower than the battery of a car and will quickly turn anything from metal into nothing but a bubbling memory.

Standing in the heart of Ijen's crater - next to the turquoise lake bordered by the grey-brownish crater edge witnessing the amazing blue fire - you are having an experience that nowhere else in the world can be found. This outer-space environment is one of kind on earth.
In the meantime volcanic gasses continiously escape from a series of vents next to the lake - to add to the dramatic scenery. Ceramic pipes are placed over some of these vents to condense the volcanic sulphuric gasses which then will turn into liquid sulphur that quickly cools off and solidifies. This bright yellow residue is collected by the sulphur-miners, who have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They carry baskets with 80 to 90 kg of sulphur up the crater rim and then down the slopes of the mountain twice or three times a day.

Watch the sunrise before heading back to your car. Once back at the car we will drive you to Ketapang harbour. If you would like to be dropped off somewhere else (e.g. Surabaya), please let us know. Additional costs might be involved. 

Note: actually you can start this tour practically anywhere in East Java, in Yogyakarta or in Bali. Banyuwangi is connected directly via air to Surabaya and Jakarta.



Tour info - Ijen Plateau & crater lake

DURATION: 2 days
TRAVELERS: no min. or max.


2 travelers: 120
3 travelers: 99
4 travelers: 89
5 travelers: 81
6 travelers: 74

Price includes: pick up Malang, private transport, parking, friendly driver, fuel, entrance fee to Ijen Plateau and Ijen crater lake, 1 night accommodation in Catimor Homestay (Sempol village at the Ijen Plateau), meals: 1x breakfast & 1x dinner, mineral water in reasonable amounts, seasonal fruit, drop off in Ketapang harbour, erry to Bali
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, all lunches, optional tours, blue fire tour (as it depends on weather conditions)

Reservation - tour start Malang