Hinterland mount Bromo

It is interesting to see how people can actually work on those steep slopes that form the feet of the ancient caldera in which Mt. Bromo resides. The rich volcanic soil allows for rich harvests.

The hills in the hinterland of Mt. Bromo - Gubugklakah village, East Java One can find steep farm land in the hills just east of Mt. Bromo Local women walking to the fields to work - Gubugklakah village

Sumber Pitu means seven sources. It is a rich flowing spring and the water flows from the rocks. A waterfall is flanking the Sumber Pitu. Take some time to cool down in the fresh and cool water.


Route hinterland Mt. Bromo trekking tour

You will depart at 05.00 in the morning. A private car will pick you up at your hotel and drive via Tumpang to Gubugklakah. Have a cup of coffee before your hike starts. You depart this early as farmers work on their lands when the sun is not yet at its highest position. Besides vegetables, fruits are also grown. Your guide will show you in 6 hours one of the highest farm areas of Java, village life, farmers at work and the water source Sumber Pitu.

Note: bring swimwear if you would like to have some water fun at the waterfall and Sumber Pitu.




Tour info - Hinterland Bromo

DURATION: 8 hours
TRAVELERS: no min. or max.

Price includes: private car to Gubugklakah village and back to Malang, fuel and friendly driver, local guide, local lunch, entrance fee waterfall Sumber Pitu, coffee break
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, dinner

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