Hiking mount Kelud - 1D

Mount Kelud is one of Java’s most active and rewarding volcanoes to visit. However, the volcano has a grumpy temperament. If interested we will let you know the latest news.
• This tour starts and ends in Malang •


Hiking mount Kelud - green landscape and splendid crater lake as reward One of the roads leading to the top - not the hiking route though Kelud's cone - active volcano in East Java, Indonesia

Volcano Kelud erupted over 30 times in the last 1000 years. In the 21st century 2 major events happened. First, an effusive explosion filled the crater with a lava dome in 2007. Second, the volcano erupted on 13 February 2014, destroying the lava dome and ejecting boulders, stones and ashes up to West Java at about 500 km from mount Kelud. The crater filled with water again during the raining season. 
The Kelud area is often closed and constantly monitored by volcanologists as actually all volcanoes in Indonesia. Please ask for the latest news if you are interested to depart.

Hiking mount Kelud in 1 day is a moderate hike. One should be fit, and you will have to do some steep climbs and descents. If you aren't sure, you can do the hike in 2 days and camp at the third post. Don't expect a well furbished camping site. And, a bigger team will get involved to support the camping activity.

During weekends, Indonesians love to get to the mountains. If possible and if you like quietness, undertake this activity during a weekday.


Hiking mount Kelud will take about 8 hours - starting in a small village west of the volcanoDay 1; symbol. Bromo sunrise tour with drop in Ketapang harbour

Day 1; symbol; Bromo sunrise tour, drop in Ketapang

Hiking mount Kelud - one day tour to one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes

Depart early morning, at 03:00. You will drive to a village just east of volcano Kelud. It takes about 2 hours to get there. You will arrive when the sun is about to rise. 
Have a local breakfast in one of the "warungs". Refresh yourself, prepare you bag and get ready for departure. Your guide will bring a basic lunch. Please prepare your 'in-between' snack-boosts yourself.
By motorbike it is a 5 min drive to get to the point where your off-road adventure starts. Your local guide - as they depart alternately, you will have either one who speaks fluently English or one who hardly speaks English - will be leading you to the crater lake
You will pass a pine forest first. Slowly ascending to a height of 1700 m, you will also pass green meadows, stunning views, and the dragon's back... A crossing from the easy not to steep part via a mountain ridge to the last most steep part of your hike. Views over nearby villages, rivers and waterfalls are amazing.
Erosion at the ashy top - due to the wind and mainly water during the raining season - the top of the mountain is ever changing. Therefore, the crossing to get near the lake is also ever changing... 
You will hike the same route back as there isn't any alternative. But, views will be different on your hike down.


What to bring

As you are going to the lake with a local guide - adding one of our experience English speaking hiking guides is also possible, additional fee - you will have to bring your basic needs yourself:
- at least 3 l of drinking water per person
- snacks that suits you for this 1 day hike
- rain coat for you and your bag during the raining season
- if you like to have a refreshing Indonesian shower after your hike, bring a towel (you can leave it in the car)


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Tour info - Hiking mount Kelud

TRAVELERS: no min. or max.
2 travelers: 58
3 travelers: 48
4-5 travelers: 40

Price includes: pick up at your hotel in Malang, drop off in Malang, private transport with air conditioning, fuel, parking, friendly little English speaking driver, entrance fee mount Kelud, meals: local breakfast and local basic lunch, local guide
Price excludes: travel insurance, personal expenses, hiking snacks, drinkin water, dinner, optional tours

Reservation - tour start Malang