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Bromo Ijen tour

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Wonosari tea plantation in Lawang, north of Malang - East Java, IndonesiaStart in iconic flower city Malang. Visit Wonosari tea plantation or Madakaripura waterfalls on route to Cemara Lawang. Discover two splendid active volcanoes in 3 days and 2 nights. You will have time to relax and to see more. You will be dropped off in Ketapang harbour, where you get on the ferry to Bali.

Bromo sunrise tour - 1 day

Duration: 12 - 13 hours

Bromo seen from the viewpoint at mount Pananjakan during the Bromo sunrise tour - East Java, IndonesiaBromo sunrise tour with start in Malang to see more of the active volcano Bromo and the caldera! You will travel through the savanna, get to see the Teletubbies hills, Pelangi waterfall and Jago temple. Bromo's landscape is 'one in a million'. Unique. Don't miss it.

Mount Bromo and mount Ijen - 2 days

Duration: 2 days & 1 night

The smoking mountain of East Java: volcano BromoMt. Bromo is one of Indonesia's most breathtaking sights. It's moonlike landscape... Mt. Ijen is Javanese for ‘Lonely Mountain’. It contains the most acidic lake in the world and is far less visited. Visit mount Bromo and mount Ijen in 2 days.

Hike Mt. Panderman

Duration: 8 hours

Mt. Panderman seen from Malang city - East JavaThe top of Mt. Panderman is called Basundara and is situated at a height of 2045 m. Climbing mount Panderman Batu will take about 3.5 hours, via a light to moderate track. Your treat: views over Malang & Batu and the other volcanoes that enclose the cities in the valley.

Three Coloured Beach & Mount Bromo

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Three coloured beach in Malang regency, East Java, IndonesiaThree Coloured Beach or Pantai Tiga Warna. Graded water of blue and green as well as white. Most of the beaches along Java's south coast are hardly discovered and go with exotic names. After relaxation, you will visit Mount Bromo, one of Indonesia's icons.

Batu village and Mt. Bromo

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Batu is surrounded by volcanic peaksOne can find Batu village just 18 km northwest of Malang. A happy village surrounded by volcanic peaks. Batu is a popular weekend destination, but makes a relaxed base during the week. And, the active volcano Mt. Bromo is a once in a lifetime experience.

3 volcanoes: Semeru, Bromo & Ijen

Duration: 4 days & 3 nights

Mt. Semeru is Java's highest mountain and active volcano - East Java, IndonesiaJava's highest is Mt. Semeru with 3676 m. And, it is an active volcano. Just north of Mt. Semeru you will find Mt. Bromo, an almost outer-space experience. Mt. Ijen houses the worlds biggest blue fire area next to the most acidic lake on earth. This tour is an admirable experience for hikers.

Ijen crater lake and Ijen Plateau

Duration: 2 days & 1 night

The greenblue-ish Ijen crater lake in East JavaThe Ijen crater lake is the greatest acidic lake on earth and houses the largest blue fire area in the world. Blue fire exist during day and night, but can only be seen at night. Don't mistake Ijen's blue fire for lava, as the blue glow is the light from burning of sulphuric gases.

Cooking class with locals

Duration: 4 to 6 hours

Shop at the local market in Malang to find the necessary ingredientsMake several traditional East Javanese dishes. Use the oelek, make sambal, enjoy kitchen fun. Shop at the local market with your guide. Cook localy in the kampong, get to know how Javanese live. A minimalist kitchen with maximal flavours! Come along on our cooking class with locals in Malang city.

Semeru: climbing Java's highest

Duration: 2 days & 1 night

ranu kumbolo lake east javaJava's highest peak is Mt. Semeru - 3676 m. This pretty volcano can be climbed between mid April till the end of the year. It might vary a bit, as it depends on the announcements of the Park's board. During the raining season the park is closed to "rehabilitate".

Travel from Bromo to Bali in 1 day

Duration: 1 day

Bromo's black volcanic ashen sea of sandTravel from Bromo to Bali in one day. You will arrive in the afternoon in Ketapang where you can take the ferry to Bali. Don't miss mount Bromo, one of Indonesia's icons with the black volcanic ashen Sea of Sand that creates a moonlike landscape.

Cycling in and around Malang

Duration: 4 to 8 hours

Cycling tours in and around MalangRide your bike, see more! Cycling gives you the opportunity to be connected with locals. And, experience your environment. We offer 2 rides: a Malang city tour and a Tumpang village tour. Our bikes have a granny gear.

Semeru, Bromo, Ijen & Sukamade

Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

Snorkeling by local boat - Pemuteran, West Bali National ParkSukamade turtle beach is a diamond. This turtle conservation area is an inviting adventure after your hike to the top of 3 illustrious volcanoes in just 4 days. You will hike Java's highest, Java's most famous and Java's most acidic. You should be healthy & fit for this adventure.

Bromo no sunrise tour - 1 day

Duration: 12 - 13 hours

Bromo seen from the viewpoint at mount Pananjakan during the Bromo no sunrise tour - East Java, IndonesiaBromo no sunrise tour?? Yes, avoid the crowds. Come along on the Bromo panorama tour in stead. Depart early morning in stead of midnight. Same tour, different time frame, less crowds. Bromo's landscape is 'one in a million'. Unique. Don't miss it because you don't want to defy the crowds.

Attractions in the hills: Batu fun

Duration: 8 to 10 hours

A hut with a view over Batu and Malang - Mt. BanyakRefreshment in the highlands of Batu. Many attractions and natural wonders are worth it to be inspected. All of you will find something that isn't found anywhere else: for families, a group of friends, couples and solo travelers.

Hiking mount Kelud - 1 day

Duration: 1 day

Kelud's crater like. Your reward for hiking mount Kelud. Hiking mount Kelud can be done in 1 day with start and end in Malang... This moderate hike will guide you via the eastern side to the crater lake of this active volcano. Hiking mount Kelud is a refreshing activity. Different landscapes will pass by, while hiking to the top and back. Fit people will need about 8 hours.

Hinterland Mt. Bromo

Duration: 8 hours

A farmer carries cabbage to the main road - Gubugklakah village, near Mt. BromoThe eastern part of Mt Bromo's hinterland is used as a vegetable garden. It is one of the highest farming areas on Java island. A six hours walk will show you some unseen paths, village life, locals at work, and a "seven sources spring".

Fun Malang city run

Distance: 8.5 km

Fun Malang city run - 8.5 km running through Malang cityWhat makes a city tick? The Fun Malang city run is a healthy way to get to know Malang! Feel the concrete beneath your feet, smell the air, see local shops, learn about historic spots, see the faces of those who live there, and fantastically immerse yourself in your new temporary location...

Sewu waterfall & Kampong Jodipan

Duration: 1 day

tumpak sewu waterfall






Milky way photography & Bromo sunrise

Duration: 1 day

Milky way photography at Mount Bromo - East Java, IndonesiaSeeing and photographing the Milky Way with Bromo's surreal landscape as your background. After the stars seem to disappear, you will see the sun rising...
Departure at 21:00 instead of midnight.