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The Ring of Fire is an imaginary ring of 40,000 km in the shape of a horse shoe in the Pacific Ocean. A large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in this area. The ring has 452 volcanoes - more than 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes - and you will be climbing 5 of them; 4 in East Java and 1 in Lombok. 

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Long & short itinerary: Volcano trekking - 12 days

This adventurous tour brings you to five most amazing active volcanoes and their landscapes. These volcanoes are Bromo, Semeru, Raung, and Ijen in East Java and Rinjani on Lombok island.
You can read the itinerary below. If you click on one of the days you can read the extensive itinerary.

Meeting point Malang Symbol day 1 - Tour

Symbol day 1 - Tour Meeting point Malang

You will be picked up in Surabaya at the airport, hotel or train station, or in Malang. After you checked in, took a shower and a rest you will meet your guide in the afternoon or early evening. You will have some time to get to know each other and to ask questions. He will explain everything about your program for the coming days. If you have some spare time, you could pay the historical city Malang a visit as well.
Don't forget to enjoy some quietness and rest as you will be leaving early the next morning.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Hotel Helios - Your hotel is located near the city center. If you feel up to it, you will have some time to explore the city or shop for the last necessities.

Sense the top of Mt. Semeru at camp Kalimati Day 2 of your tour to hike 5 volcanoes in 12 days

Day 2 of your tour to Mt. Bromo and Batu in East JavaSense the top of Mt. Semeru at Camp Kalimati

At 05.00 in the morning a Jeep is ready to drive you to the village Ranu Pane at 2,100 m asl. After preparing you will depart to the camp Kalimati, which is situated at 2,700 m asl. Depending on your speed it takes 6 to 8 hours to reach the camp. You will have a small break at the lake Kumbolo to have lunch and a cup of coffee if you like. Hiking in a relaxed pace makes it possible to enjoy the views. As Mt. Semeru is an active volcano, you might see it erupt as it erupts every 20 minutes smoke and stones. You will camp at Kalimati. Dinner will be prepared, while you relax and get some rest.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Kalimati (2,700 m asl) - Camping under the dawn of Mt. Semeru. A special event to camp such close to the crater of an active volcano.

Reach Semeru's summit and watch the sun set over Mt. Bromo Symbol day 3 of the tour Hike Volcanoes - East Java and Lombok, Indonesia

Symbol day 3 of the tour Live Local - East Java, IndonesiaReach Semeru's summit & watch the sun set over Mt. Bromo

The top of Mt. Semeru - the highest mountain in Java, IndonesiaIt is still dark when you start walking. It takes about an hour to get to Arcapada, which is the last spot where you could have camped. Arcapada sits on the vegetation border, while at Kalimati one can find a water source. After Arcapada the really heavy work starts. Sandy and rocky loose ground will be your rival. Prepare to slide down with every step that you take. Those with a good endurance can overcome this last difficult task in an hour, while those less trained climbers might take as long as 3 hours.
At the top of Mt. Semeru you will be rewarded when the sun rises. Feel the sun on your face, and warming you up while seeing both the Javanese Sea and the Indian Ocean. You are standing at the highest mountain and active volcano in Java. It is your achievement of today.
The National Park's board advises to decent before noon due to gas production and smoke eruptions by the volcano. You will descend to Kalimati Camp to have breakfast. Take a break after this exceptional morning. 
Then prepare for your hike back to Ranu Pane village via Mt. Ayek-Ayek. In Ranu Pane you will have lunch, after which you continue by Jeep to the savannah that decorates Mt. Bromo. You will have to cross this amazingly green area to get to Cemara Lawang village. Here you will spend the night.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Cemara Lawang - this village sits on the rim of the crater of the ancient caldera in which Mt. Bromo resides. A perfect spot to enjoy being in the vicinity of your second active volcano which is also part of the Ring of Fire. You will spend the night in Bromo Permai Hotel or Cafe Lava Hotel (or similar, depending on the availability)

Today the sun also rises over Mt. Bromo - destination Mt. Raung Day 4 of your tour Hike Volcanoes

Day 4 of your Live Local tourToday the sun also rises over Mt. Bromo - destination Mt. Raung

Early morning you will be picked up by a Jeep. You will go to Mt. Pananjakan. If you are interested in any other viewpoint, just ask us about the possibilities. At any viewpoint you can see - if the weather conditions are on your side - the sun rising marvelously over the caldera of Mt. Bromo with Mt. Semeru at the back. This magnificent view, will be printed in your memory.
When you meet with your driver again, he will bring you as close to the crater of Mt. Bromo as you can get for which you will cross the black Sea of Sand. When the car stops, it will be a 45 minutes walk to get to the 'top' of Mt. Bromo. Take your time to embrace the moonlike landscape which is unique in the world.
Then the Jeep will bring you back to your hotel to have breakfast.
Once packed and ready you continue to Bondowoso via the mountain Arak Arak; a winding road and beautiful mountain views. Your road will end at Sumber Wringin village that sits on the slopes of Mt. Raung. It will be late afternoon when you arrive.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sumber Wringin village - a local guesthouse will be your shelter for the night. It is a basic accommodation.

Heading to your third volcano in the Ring of Fire, Mt. Raung Symbol day 5 - Hike Volcanoes - East Java and Lombok

Symbol day 5 - Live Local Tour - East JavaHeading to your third volcano in the Ring of Fire; Mt. Raung

Camping volcano tour East JavaMeet your local guide and porter after breakfast. The porter will help to reach the top of Mt. Raung as he will carry the necessary equipment and food. A Jeep will drive you to Pondok Motor in one hour. Here your hike starts. Be ready for a 4 hours walk. You first will cross agricultural land followed by a path that leads up and into the forest. Lunch then will be served at Pondok Sumur. You will need to stack your energy as the next hike will take 5 hours. You will have to reach Pondok Angin before the evening falls as it is the last post before the summit. Vegetation is scarce. Your team will prepare your dinner.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Pondok Angin camp site - Camping

The summit of one of the most active volcanoes in Java Symbol day 6 - Hike Volcanoes tour

Symbol day 6 - Live local tourThe summit of one of the most active volcanoes in Java

volcano raung east javaAfter the sun has risen - which is early in Java - you will head to the peak of Mt. Raung at 3,332 m asl. It will take only 1,5 hours via a rocky and adventurous route. The narrow stony path is bordered by canyons. Feel welcomed by the big crater of Mt. Raung.
After you met this impressive volcano, it is time to descend back to the camp site at Pondok Angin. Breakfast is ready. Once you gathered your belongings, you will walk back to Sumber Wringin village to spend another night.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sumber Wringin village - Basic accommodation

A restful day after severe hiking Day 7 of the Volcano trekking tour

Day 7 of the Volcano trekking tourA restfull day after severe hiking

After a good night sleep and a good breakfast you will be transferred to Blawan village at the Ijen Plateau. You will pass through coffee plantations. Mainly Arabica coffee is grown on the Plateau. You will have a stop at Sempol, as it is famous for its strawberries, vegetables and flowers. Then it is only a short drive to Catimor Home Stay. If you feel up to it, you can walk to the nearby hot spring and waterfall.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Blawan village - Catimor Home Stay is a basic and far from accommodation. It is not an idyllic home stay but its location and surroundings make up for it.

Ijen crater lake is where you will find the largest blue fire area in the world!Symbol day 8 - day 8 of the volcano trekking tour in which one reaches the Ijen crater lake

Symbol day 8 - day 8 of the volcano trekking tour in which one reaches the Ijen crater lakeIjen crater lake: the largest Blue fire area in the world!

It is around 02.00 in the morning when you depart to Paltuding Post at the Ijen Nature Reserve. Your local guide is waiting for you with your gas mask. He will guide you up the mountain and then into the crater. It is about 2 hours walking, because of the difficulty - steep - of the road.
The blue flames in Ijen's crater can be up to 5 meters high. Some of the gas condenses to liquid and is still ignited. Ijen is the largest blue flame area in the world!
Early morning sulphur miners are already at work. In the crater they collect the sulphur and put it in bamboo baskets which they will carry up the rim and then down the slopes to Paltuding weighing center. When the sun starts to rise, be prepared for the colorful scene that you will get to see. Enjoy yourself before getting back to Paltuding. 
Take a small break at one of the local warungs, eat and drink something, before you will go to Ketapang. The cross to Bali takes about 1 hour, after you will be brought to Sanur village in East Bali.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sanur - Peneeda View Beach Hotel. Bordered by the beach, the hotel houses a total of 56 rooms, 1 lobby, 1 beach-side restaurant and 3 pools. Enjoy...

A wonderful day at the beach Day 9 - calender symbol

Day 9 - calender symbolA wonderful day at the beach

Relax at the beach, not much more to say about this day. Bali is widely known for its beach and culture. It is your day, do as you please. If you need some advise, just ask your experienced guide...

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sanur - Peneeda View Beach Hotel.

Fly to Lombok and get ready for Mt. Rinjani Symbol day 10 - day 10 of the volcano trekking tour in which one gets to Mt. Rinjani

Symbol day 10 - day 10 of the volcano trekking tour in which one gets to Mt. RinjaniFly to Lombok and get ready for Mt. Rinjani

An easy going day. Have a rest before you climb your last challenge: the active volcano Rinjani..... You will fly from Denpasar to Mataram in only 40 minutes. Then it takes about 2,5 hours to reach Sembalun village where you will spend the night in a basic home stay.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sembalun village - Basic home stay.

Crater rim of the active volcano Rinjani Symbol day 11 - Volcano Trekking Tour

Symbol day 11 - Volcano Trekking TourCrater rim of the active volcano Rinjani

Rinjani crater lake on Lombok - IndonesiaAs Sembalun village is situated at an altitude of 1,156 m and you will have to climb to Sembalun crater rim at 2,639 m, you can understand the task you are up to today. In total you will be hiking about 7 hours. You will wake up at 6 'o clock to have breakfast before you will be heading by Jeep to your starting point. It is about 1 hour driving. You will have to register at the Rinjani Information Center before you can start your hike.
Your hike starts with a 2 hours walk to Post 1 at 1,300 m. Take a small break, before you continue to the second Post - named Tengengean - at 1,500 m which you will reach in about 1 hour. Another hour is needed to arrive at the Pada Balong Post at 1,800 m. Here you will have a relaxed break with lunch that will be prepared by your team. Then your last challenge is to reach the Sembalun crater rim at an height of 2,639 m. It will take you 3 hours including a steep climb to reach the crater rim. You will camp at the crater rim while enjoying awesome views. Experience both sunset and sunsrise at Sembalun crater rim!

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Sembalun crater rim - Camping.

Extraordinary walking at height Symbol day 12 - calender

Symbol day 12 - calenderExtraordinary walking at height

Those who wish to see the sunrise, will have to wake up early as you start trekking at 03.00. You will get a bit higher as you will walk to an altitude of 2,639 m in about 3.5 hours to reach the summit. Parts of your trek will be fairly hard; the last hour is hard as you will get 2 step up while falling 1 step back. Your reward is beautiful.
After the sun has risen, you will walk back to your camp site to have breakfast. After breakfast you will be heading down in about 4 to 5 hours to Senaru village. On your way back you will have lunch as you probably will be hungry again. A car then will bring you to Sengigi.

1. if you wish to get to the lake and soak in a hot spring, you will have to extend this tour with 1 night camping. You can let is know when you are booking this tour.
2. the tour ends in Sengigi or Mataram. Let us know if you would like to be dropped somewhere else.




1. The minimum age of the climber is 18 years.
2. There is no maximum age, but the climber should be healthy and in a good condition.
3. Although this tour is not extreme, it is certainly challenging. Therefore this tour is only suitable for people in good to excellent physical condition and should be an experienced hiker and in outdoor activities. You will have to walk on partly difficult terrain with steep passages on loose or rocky ground.
4. Bring only whath you need when hiking the volcanoes, such as clothes, warm jacket, personal medicines, and water storage (about 1 l). We will store your big bag before the hike starts.
5. For this tour we will ask for a copy of your pasport to arrange your permit to hike the volcanoes
6. For this tour we also need a copy of your travel insurance to arrange the permit to hike the volcanoes



Mt. Semeru

Volcano Semeru in East JavaMt. Semeru is an active volcano located in East Java. It is the highest mountain on the island of Java. This strato volcano is also known as Mahameru, meaning 'The Great Mountain'. The name is derived from the Hindu-Buddhist mythical story about Mt. Meru or Sumeru, the abode of gods.
Highest point: 3676 m. Mountain type: Strato volcano. Last eruption: continuously erupting since 1967

Mt. Bromo

Mt. Bromo is an active volcano in East JavaMt. Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif in East Java. With 2,329 meters Mt. Bromo is not the highest peak of the massif, but the most famous. Mt. Bromo its name is derived from the Javanese word Brahma.
Highest point: 2329 m. Mountain type: Somma volcano. Last eruption: November 2015 - February 2016

Mt. Raung

Volcano Raung in East JavaMt. Raung is one of the most active volcanoes on Java. This volcano is located in the province of East Java and has a two kilometer wide and 500 meter deep caldera surrounded by an impressive rim. Mt. Raung can be seen on clear days from Lovina Beach in North Bali.
Highest point: 3332 m. Mountain type: Strato volcano. Last eruption: April to August 2015

Mt. Ijen

Volcano Ijen and its lakeThe Ijen volcano complex is a group of composite volcanoes in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java. Mt. Ijen's sulphuric lake is the most acidic in the world, so are its rivers. Ijen is also the largest blue flame area in the world. While the sulphur miners have one of the hardest jobs in the world.
Highest point: 2799 m. Mountain type: Stratovolcano. Last eruption: still active

Mt. Rinjani

Volcano Rinjani at Lombok - IndonesiaMt. Rinjani is another active volcano on the island of Lombok, east of Bali. It is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The volcano is topped with a 6 by 8.5 kilometer caldera, which is partly filled by a lake. The caldera also contains hot springs.
Highest point: 3726 m. Mountain type: Somma volcano. Last eruption: eruption of the baby volcano - 29 September 2016

Tour info - Volcano Trekking

DURATION: 12 days
TRAVELERS: min. 2 and max. 8


2 travelers: 1,650
3 travelers: 1,560
4-6 travelers: 1,475
7-8 travelers: 1,425

Price includes: all accommodation in hotels, homestays and camps as specified in the itinerary, full board including soft drinks and water in reasonable amounts, all ground, sea and air transfers as described in the program, pick-up service in Malang and Surabaya and transfer to your accommodation on day 1, entrance fees to National Parks and Nature Reserves you will visit as in the program, tent, mattress, cooking gear, local porters and guides, 1 experienced English speaking trekking guide, 1 sweeper
Price excludes: travel insurance, your travel to and from Indonesia, an Indonesian visa, snacks and drinks not mentioned in "Price includes", alcoholic drinks, tips for local guides and porters, additional expenses such as souvenirs and extra activities

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Volcano trekking - at Mt. Bromo

Blue fire phenomenon at the Ijen crater lake - East Java, Indonesia

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