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Camping is unique. It is a chance to get out into nature and to be one with nature. Being outside is getting exercise. It is daily hikes and adventures. It is about developing a better appreciation for nature and respecting the world around you. It is seeing your area from the inside out. It is creating a delicious meal with basic food items. It is getting your rejuvenating sleep. It is making the most of your time under the stars.
Going camping is simple, and almost unbelievably fun. You might need a little motivation to do it; the process of finding a campground, organizing and packing your gear. We will do that for your...

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Welcome in a wooden bungalow with mountain views Symbol day 1 - Tour Go Camping

Symbol day 1 - Tour Go CampingWelcome in a wooden bungalow with mountain views

2 storey bungalow at Kaliandra Eco Resort in East JavaYou will be picked up at the airport or train station in Surabaya or Malang. You will be driven to Kaliandra, a superb retreat. It is idyllically located at an altitude of 850 m on the cool and scenic slopes of Mt. Arjuna. It is a small Eco-tourism Resort with a wellness retreat as well which has been set up to support the foundation activities. The foundation works together with local communities to improve their living standards. The farmers grow organic food.
For your first night you will have a wonderful 2 story bungalow on the slopes of Mt. Arjuno to get your perfect rest; relax, loose your stress, and order a detox fresh and home made drink. But, you will also meet your guide who will be your man during your camping adventure. You can ask him anything while discussing your program for the coming days.

Accommodation symbol Accommodation

Kaliandra Eco Resort - To get back to the basics, but slowly.... WiFi is still available, warm water in the shower, and delishes carefully prepared local dishes.

Village tour: hike through beautiful sawahs Day 2 of your camping tour in East Java

Day 2 of your camping tour in East JavaVillage tour: hike through beautiful sawahs

After a good nights sleep and a delicious breakfast, it is time to get in action. As you are situated on a height of 850 m and far away from the main road between Malang and Surabaya, you get to meet authentic Java. Beautifully terraced water rich and often superb green rice fields are for sure an Asian signature on the earths surface. Meet those who are working it, give them a helping hand if you like and get to know the system of harvesting, planting and seeding. All these different stages and facets one can find on just 1 hectare. Besides sawahs there is much more to see. Your route is about 10 kilometers, but it might take you up to 4 hours, depending on your interests.
Then you will get back to Kaliandra to have lunch, after which you can either choose to get schooled in batik or clay craft, or get a cooking class and learn how to make a real good Indonesian herbal tea, cross country cycling, or indulge yourself in an Enzyme Detox or get a body massage.

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Kaliandra Eco Resort

Time for camping at the beach Gondang Merak Day 3 symbol - day 3 of the

Day 3 symbol - day 3 of the "Go Camping Tour" by Smartine Indonesia TravelTime for camping near the beach Kondang Merak

White sandy beach in East JavaDeparture is after breakfast. Reach those virgin and rarely visited beaches south of Malang in about 4 hours. Time for snorkeling. A local fisherman boat will guide you to the spots... Once back, just wander the white sandy beaches. Try a coconut or some tuna satay while waiting for the sun to set. Make the most of your time under the stars!

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Camping near the beach

Your day in nature mingled with culture: jungle trekking, fishermen and dolphins Symbol day 4

Symbol day 4Your day of nature mingled with culture: jungle trekking, fishermen, and dolphins

As the day depends on the wisdom of the fisherman, we can't predict what you will be doing first. They know when and where under what conditions the dolphins can be seen. It is a possibility that you do not get to see them, as it is still nature; wild and unpredictable. In any case bring your snorkeling gear...
Another activity scheduled for today is a jungle track of about 2 to 3 hours in which you walk through pristine forest and mangrove forest. You will meet at least birds and monkeys and get to know the local people's relationship with the forest.
After the forest, you continue to the fishermen villages. Fact: Indonesia yearly captures 10.000 sharks - catching sharks is not yet regulated in Indonesia - which are mainly caught for the Hong Kong market. Of course we immediately think about the shark fin soup, but Indonesians really use all parts of all animals for whatever it can be used for. See the fishermen and women their daily activities carried out after fishing. As you will have dinner with locals and feel up for some cooking, get into the kitchen and help to prepare your own dinner.

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Camping near the beach

blue lagoon Segara Anakan at Sempu Island Symbol day 5 of the Go Camping Tour

Symbol day 5 of the Go Camping TourBlue lagoon Segoro Anakan at Sempu Island

A short drive will bring you to Sendang Biru village which is home to the biggest fish auction in Malang. The village is protected by the big waves of the Indian Ocean by a small tropical island just of the coast. You can reach Sempu island by boat in just 10 minutes. The majority of the island is surrounded by mangroves and covered in thick tropical forest. It indeed is a Nature Reserve since the 1930s.
The highlight of Pulau Sempu is a deep blue lagoon on the seaward side of the island. A small path is leading you there. The lagoon is beautiful; it is large, deep enough to swim in and the waters are perfectly tranquil. On one side of the lagoon there is a large golden sandy beach. Encircling the lagoon on three sides are rugged coastal cliffs that drop sharply away to the sea. Your local guide can show you around the lake, though wandering on other parts of the island is restricted.

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Camping at Sempu Island

Sunrise, the highest vegetable gardens in East Java & Kumbolo lake Day 6 of the itinerary Go Camping - East Java

Day 6 of the itinerary Go Camping - East JavaSunrise, the highest vegetable gardens in East Java, & the Kumbolo lake

Camping at Kumbolo Lake in East Java - near Mt. SemeruWakey wakey... we go for on early but short morning walk to see the sunrise at a splendid spot on the island. Meanwhile the team will prepare your breakfast. Once back, eat and pack as it is a 1,5 hour hike back to the boat. After you crossed the small strait, the car will bring you in 4 to 5 hours to Ranu Pane village in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. This village is located between Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semeru, two active volcanoes. Just before you reach Ranu Pane you will pass the highest vegetable garden in East Java. Probably you wonder how the local Tengger people manage to work the land...
Stretch your legs after the car ride and get ready for your last but worthwhile hike of the day.  Walk in three hours to the marvelous lake Kumbolo.

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Camping at the Kumbolo Lake - this lake is beautifully situated on the slopes of the highest mountain of Java which is also an active volcano; Mt. Semeru. Mt. Semeru - with its peak at 3,676 m - erupts every 20 minutes. Enjoy a mountain scenery at a glorious lake.

Relax, walk around Kumbolo lake, or get to the highest peak on Java Symbol day 7 - Go Camping Tour by Smartine Indonesia Travel

Symbol day 7 - Go Camping Tour by Smartine Indonesia TravelRelax, walk around Kumbolo lake, or get to the highest peak on Java

A day.... what would you like to do? You can decide on the spot. As we can see it, you have three options.
Option 1: just relax...
Option 2: walk around Kumbolo lake at a peaceful speed
Option 3: the heavy work: climb to the top of Mt. Semeru.

Sunrise at the lake is memorisable; the warm water of the lake creates a layer of mist in the cold morning air. If you as a group decide to stay at the lake, decide with your guide what you would like to do.
If you would like to reach the summit of Mt. Semeru you will depart to Kalimati camp, after sunrise and your prepared breakfast. Depending on your speed it is a 3 to 5 hours walk only. But, the next day you will have to depart at 02.00 in the morning to see the sunrise.

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Camping at the Kumbolo Lake or at Kalimati Camp

Summit Semeru or a wonderful day at Kumbolo lake Day 8 - tour Go Camping

Day 8 - tour Go CampingMr. Summit Semeru or a wonderful day at lake Kumbolo

From Kalimati camp to the summit of Mt. Semeru will be another 3 to 5 hours climb. How long it takes depends on your endurance as especially the last part is hard. You set two steps forward and will glide one step back. A fantastic scenery and the feeling of being on top of an active volcano and overseeing both the seas north and south of Java; a moment to remember.
After sunrise you will descend to Kalimati camp. It will take one hour only. Take a break after this exceptional morning. 
Then prepare for your hike back to Ranu Pane village via Mt. Ayek-Ayek. In Ranu Pane you will have lunch, after which you continue by Jeep to the savannah that decorates Mt. Bromo. You cross this amazingly green area to get to Cemara Lawang village.
When you decided to spend the day near and around the lake, you also eventually will have to get back to Ranu Pane village and on to Cemara Lawang village.

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Camping at the camp site at Cemara Lawang village - sit back and watch the sun set.

Bromo sunrise tour Symbol day 9 - Go Camping

Symbol day 9 - Go CampingBromo sunrise tour

Viewpoint Mt. BromoYou can either hike in about 2 hours to Mt. Pananjakan or take a Jeep. That is up to you. If you would like to hike, but not that far, you can also decide to walk to one of the other view points. Mt. Pananjakan is almost the highest viewpoint, but by no means the only viewpoint. You can discuss all the options with your guide.
At least enjoy the sunrise which can really be mystical when it slowly opens the mist that covers the moonlike landscape in which Mt. Bromo as an active volcano resides.
If you decided to go by Jeep, then you will descend after sunrise to the black Sea of Sand and head directly for Mt. Bromo. If you decided to hike, you can get back to your hotel first, to have your breakfast.
After your mild climb to this active volcano have a break before heading into the village and get to know the Hindu Tenggereze people, the ancestors of the Majapahit kings about 400 years ago. Visit a local market, eat with a Tengger family, maybe there is a wedding going on, or a funeral. In any case it is interesting. You also have the oportunity to visit the office of volcanology and decide for yourself about Mt. Bromo's volcanic activity. Probably the night is about to fall after this last experience. Enjoy your last evening....

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Camping at the camp site at Cemara Lawang village

Saying goodbye as the tour ends today Symbol - Day 10 - Camping Tour

Symbol - Day 10 - Camping TourSay your goodbyes

Take your time to get all your belongings. We can either transfer you to Surabaya or Malang. If you have other wishes, please let us know.


What is so special about the places you visit...?


Village walking tour at the slopes of Arjuno - East JavaThe Kaliandra Foundation was established in 1997. Located on a 40 hectare estate on the cool and scenic slopes of Mt. Arjuna just south of Surabaya, a small Eco-tourism Resort and Wellness Retreat has been set up to support the foundation activities. All profits are used to fund the Foundation's activities, thereby strengthening local communities, protecting the natural resources of Mt. Arjuna, and improving the living standard of the local people.
The Foundation manages a part of its estate as a certified organic farm. Fruits and vegetebales grown are used in their restaurant and sold in cities. The Foundation also works together with the farmers in the area to grow also certified organic food and helps the farmers to market their produce on a fair-trade basis.


Snorkeling at Gondang Merak - East JavaAt this beach fresh water meets sea water and used to be visited by many peacocks. Due to illegal hunting the peacock became extinct in this part of Java in the 1980s. The views are tempting, the beach line is long, the sand is clean and white, and the trees at the beach side compleet the picture to feel at ease.
At the beach's border one can find a variety of small marine animals such as octopus, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, small fish, and lobsters hiding in cracks in the reef.


Blue lagoon Segara Anakan at the island Sempu, south of MalangSempu is an island just 800 meters from the southern coast, about 70 km south of Malang city. Sempu can be accessed from Sendang Biru village, where one can find the biggest fish auction in Malang. The island is about 4 x 3.5 km. Its topography is largely rolling hills whose altitude ranges from 50 to 100 meters above sea level. The coastline consists mainly of limestone cliffs. The 877 hectares forested island was designated a Nature Reserve in 1928.


Kumbolo lake on your way to the summit of Mt. Semeru - East JavaThis enchanting lake makes you smile at an altitude of 2,400 m. The lake looks like it is being regularly gardened by mother nature. The lake shines turquoise. Early morning when the sun rises a thin layer of fog coats the shiny water, while in the afternoon a fog envalopes the lake. In the night you can see the constellation of the stars, also called Milkyway.
It can get very cold at this hight near the lake. It is forbidden to swim in the lake as it is a drinking water resource.


Camping on the ancient caldera in which the volcano Bromo sits - East JavaA lunarlike landscape of heroic proportions and surreal beauty, the volcanic Bromo region is one of Indonesia’s most breathtaking sights. Rising from the guts of the ancient Tengger caldera, Gunung Bromo (2392m) is one of three volcanoes to have emerged from a vast crater, stretching 10km across. Mt. Kursi (2581 m) and Mt. Batok (2440 m) flank Mt. Bromo. The smoking cone of Bromo stands in a sea of volcanic sand, surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater’s edge. Just to the south, Mt. Semeru (3676 m) throws its shadow over the whole scene.

Tour info - Go camping

DURATION: 10 days
TRAVELERS: min. 2 and max. 10


2 travelers: 820
3 travelers: 690
4-6 travelers: 550
7-8 travelers: 490
9-10 travelers: 440

Price includes: pick up service in Surabaya or Malang, all transport needed during the tour, camping gear, all accommodation in hotels, home stays and camps, as specified in the itinerary, full board (in some areas just Indonesian food available) including soft drinks and water in reasonable amounts, entrance fees to National Parks and Nature Reserves you will visit as in the program, tent, mattress, cooking gear, local ranger at Sempu Island, 1 experienced English speaking guide
Price excludes: sleeping bag: please bring your own sleeping bag, travel insurance, your travel to and from Indonesia, an Indonesian visa: currently a 30 days Tourist Visa upon arrival costs USD 25 or is for free (depending on your nationality), but is not extendible - if you arrange your visum in your home country it should be extendible, snacks and drinks not mentioned in "Price includes", alcoholic drinks, tips for local guides and porters, additional expenses such as souvenirs and extra activities

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