Those who left the program

A close-up of Mrs. LandepIbu Landep was an active lady. She was mainly working in the small local restaurant called warung Kuning on one of the main streets surrounding Kampong Klojen. She was a helping hand in the kitchen. After she experienced a light heart attack she was hospitalized.
After a while in the hospital her family brought her back 'home' to Blitar. Where she was born. She stayed with the elder sister in a very basic house, for a month. No tiles on the floor, the roof is leaking and the toilet is behind the house in the river.
When she got back in Malang - in her rented house - she couldn't go back to her former life as it is too heavy on her. She is still a helping hand where ever and when ever she can. Unfortunately it isn't always sufficient to keep her head up....
Mrs. Landep doesn't have Mrs. Landep at hoor door step - kampong Klojen, Malangchildren. And her husband has passed away a long time ago.

Mrs. Landep left the program in October 2017

As Mrs. Landep doesn't have any family members in Malang, she was called home in October 2017. Javanese culture. If it seems that a family member needs to be taken care of in the near feature, he is called to 'come home'. She packed her few belongings and left for Blitar. She is again living with her elder sister in the same house as where she stayed after her hospitalisation.
We went looking for her in January 2018. Although living conditions are far below standard dhe can't accept our help anymore as we are too far away. She left us in October 2017. Imam & Smartine were able to help her with IDR 450,000 in 2017.


Expenditures (in IDR x 1000)

2017 50 50 50 50 50 100 - 50 50 - - -
GRAND TOTAL                       450


Monthly allowances

All those in the program "Monthly Allowances". Click on the picture to read a small personal story and the reason why they need support.


Mr. Ewer at Kampong Klojen



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Ibu Tum - citizen Kampong Klojen, Malang



Mr. Melka - Kampong Klojen



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