Monthly allowances

It is very simple. We - Imam and Agus & Martine - have "enough" and would like to do something for those who definitely haven't. Can't be simpler.
Smartine Indonesia Travel donates a certain percentage of every tour and Imam searches monthly for sponsors.

Close up of Ibu Ida - social support kampong Klojen, Malang cityMiss Ida lives with her father Mr. Jalal and her mother Mrs. Suliati, and her younger sister with her 2 children, 2 and 5 years old. These 6 people live in a tiny house in kampong Klojen, Malang city. She lives close to mrs Tum, die ook deel uitmaakt van dit porgamma. The house and  the land on which the house stands is owned by the Kampong, which means that they depend on the decisions made by the inhabitants of kampong Klojen.



Miss Ida is the first of 3 children of Mr. Jalal and Mrs. Suliati. She is about 39 years old. Ida is mentally behind. Her parents never sent her to school. She is illiterate. She "can't" work and helps her parents with household chores.
In Indonesia it is estimated that still about 3.4 million people are illiterate


Household income

The husband of her sister is a fisherman and comes home every two to three months. Ibu Ida - social support Malang city, East Java
Ida's youngest brother lives in another part of Malang city and has 1 child of 7 years old. He earns IDR 900,000 per month (about USD 67). 
Ida's father used to work in a leather factory, but as the orders went down he isn't certain of work and income. One week he might be working, the next week he might be out of work. His age isn't supporting him to find another suitable job as he is more than sixty years old.
Ida's mother used to work in a cigarette factory, part-time, but is too old these days to continue working. A workweek in Malang consists in 6 days a week and at least 8 hours a day.
Ida herself "works" in and around the kampong. She earns what people can afford to give or are willing to give her.

Help locals. Would you like to meet this family or take a look in the kampong? You are more than welcome.


Expenditures (in IDR x 1000)

2017 - 50 50 50 50 100 - 50 50 - - -
2018 - 50 - 50  50 150  75  75  75   75  75  
GRAND TOTAL                       1075


Monthly allowances

All those in the program "Monthly Allowances". Click on the picture to read a small personal story and the reason why they need support.


Mr. Ewer at Kampong Klojen



munir small image



Ibu Tum - citizen Kampong Klojen, Malang



Mr. Melka - Kampong Klojen



Viano - 5 years old


Those who left the program

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