Monthly allowances

It is very simple. We - Imam and Agus & Martine - have "enough" and would like to do something for those who definitely haven't. Can't be simpler.
Smartine Indonesia Travel donates a certain percentage of every tour and Imam searches monthly for sponsors.

A close-up of VianoHis father works as a driver on an island east of Java. He is only able to come home every now and then. The money that he earns Viano is 5 years old - kampong Klojen, Malangisn't always enough for Viano's school, let alone for food, clothes and health care.
Viano lives with is grandparents in Malang, kampong Klojen, Jl. Patimura Gg. 10 as his father is working far away. Viano depends mainly on his grandparents, and is too young to help his grand parents finding an income.
When we heard about Viano, his school fees hadn't been paid since 2 months. He is now in the last year of the kindergarten. July 2018 he will go to secondary school.


Viano depends on his grandparents

As his grandparents are also struggling, paying his school fees is a heavy burden. His grandma sells rujak - vegetables and fruit with peanut sauce - in a street shop in the kampong, while grandpa searches waste door to door for valuables such as paper, cardboard and plastic. He then sells this waste for a small amount.
As his grandparents are getting old as well, their working speed and the amount of work they can handle a day are limited. Support is more than welcome. We pay his school fees directly to the school, to the head master.

Help us to support Viano. He needs schooling for a brighter future.


Expenditures (in IDR x 1000)

2017 - 90 75 225 195 50 - 150 80 80 - -
2018 - 240 - 320                
Grand total                       1505



Monthly allowances

All those in the program "Monthly Allowances". Click on the picture to read a small personal story and the reason why they need support.


Mr. Ewer at Kampong Klojen



munir small image



Ibu Tum - citizen Kampong Klojen, Malang



Mr. Melka - Kampong Klojen



Viano - 5 years old

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