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Pak Yazid is the owner of Al Kaaf, an orphan himselfAbout 100 children, both orphans and non-orphans, live on an extensive compound in Jabung village, about 18 km from Malang center. Mr Yazid and his wife are the owners and run the orphanage with the help of some volunteers, who come and go as they please.

Children in orphanage Al Kaaf - Jabung village, Malang regency, East Java - IndonesiaMr. Yazid became an orphan himself when he was still a teenager. As he inherited the house from his parents, he still had a place to stay. Over time some other orphans were dropped at his house as well. And that is how it all started.


About 100 children in orphanage Al Kaaf

As children come and go for several reasons, the total number of children housed with Mr. Yazid is about 100, aged from 0 to about 22. Most children aren't orphans, but come to live in the orphanage to have better schooling opportunities.
Children are supposed to leave the orphanage after they finished high school, but as some of them aren't yet ready to live on their own and some of them prefer to volunteer in the orphanage, children older than 18 years of age also stay in the orphanage.

Orphanage Al Kaaf is a Muslim orphanage. Girls and boys sleep separately in different buildings. On compound there is a small mosque as well.
Luckily the orphanage has running water directly from a fresh well. That means no costs for water.
The kitchen is very basic, and some dishes are still being cooked the traditional way on wood.


An orphanage in Malang still struggles for its daily needs

Although the orphanage is better off than about 8 years ago when we went there for the first time, Mr. Yazid is still struggling every day to have enough money for the daily needs as food, clothes and schooling. 
Certainly this isn't the only orphanage in Malang with this problem. All orphanages have to look for income. Via some local regulations, orphanages can obtain support. The problem is corruption and the support isn't sufficient. Therefore most orphanages depend on donations. 
Since we started to help the orphanage in 2011 with the construction of several buildings, more and more people have found their way to the orphanage. And all these people help in their own caring way. Mr Yazid accepts all kinds of help, is generous and open minded. Therefore we still help with occasional donations.



Donations to orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung

We don't determine what Mr and Mrs Yazid should do with the donations. They can decide best what is urgently needed.

Donations to orphanage Al Kaaf in IDR (x 1000)

  January February March April May June July August September October November December
2016 - - - - - - - - -
2017 - - - -  -  - -  -  - - -  -
2018 - 1000  -  -  - - -  -  750      
GRAND TOTAL                       1750


Spontaneous gifts

Together with Mr. Imam we help those in need at that particular moment. Click on the picture to read a small personal story and the reason why they need your support.


Mr. Santoso






Street shop of Ibu Muslimah



Disabled man in Lovina Beach - Bali



Children in orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village


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Working with the foundation "Wees een Kind" - Be a Child - is a win-win situation. We help each other to market our products. Secondly, a part of our profit is donated to the foundation, while during low season our armada is ready to escort the children on small trips and outings.
If you like to stay in their homestay to support the children, please visit the website.
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