Spontaneous gifts

It is very simple. We - Imam and Agus & Martine - have "enough" and would like to do something for those who definitely haven't. Can't be simpler.
Smartine Indonesia Travel donates a certain percentage of every tour and Imam searches monthly for sponsors.

The street shop of ibu Muslimah before we started - November 2016, MalangJust outside Kampong Klojen, ibu Muslimah sells some drinks, snacks and gasoline. It is her only income. Her shop was about 1x1 meter only. She was ordered to move as the local community wanted to have a security post erected. Indeed, it is community land on which she was selling. As the head of the community (RT) was feeling sorry for her - "What then should my children eat?" - she was given a new spot about 30 meters from where she was selling. As it was just bare land, she had to start from a scratch.

Necessities & Expenditures

She rebuilt with the help from her 2 sons and husband (who is also working in this street shop). As the street shop wasn't finished yet, the crew from Helios Transport and Kampong Tourist helped them out. It were a few hours of hard working with the necessary Ibu Muslimahjokes and fun. We used left overs from other renovations, some second-hand goods and some new materials:
- painting, paint: IDR 75,000
- adding some elements to the roof so it would be leak-proof, IDR 125,000
- adding a ceiling, hardboard: IDR 240,000 & wood: IDR 130,000
- the walls were cemented to prevent it from leaking, IDR 100,000
- adding a bed to sit on and to have a rest, IDR 100,000
- food for the family of Ibu Muslimah and the workers, IDR 255,000
TOTAL: IDR 1,025,000


Spontaneous gifts

Together with Mr. Imam we help those in need at that particular moment. Click on the picture to read a small personal story and the reason why they need your support.


Mr. Santoso






Street shop of Ibu Muslimah



Disabled man in Lovina Beach - Bali



Children in orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village


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