Monthly allowences and 1-time donations

Mr. Imam is de coordinator and inventor of the social project at Kampong Klojen, MalangMr. Imam is the brain behind all social support projects in kampong Klojen. He knows this kampong inside out as he was born in kampong Klojen in 1970. He now lives about 7 km from the kampong, but still runs his 'shop' in kampong Klojen.
Imam is a locksmith and learned most that he knows about locks from his father. You can find his 'shop' - which is a famous "kaki-lima" - at one of the entrances into kampong Klojen, just opposite the market Klojen.

Why Imam started his project

"If I wait till I am rich before I think about helping others, I don't know when that will be... Better to help with IDR 5,000 only than not at all. When I first started to ask friends whether they were willing to donate, I was a bit reluctant. But, I got happily surprised. It seemed that everybody was more than willing." That is how Imam started.
Imam started his work as a volunteer in November 2016. Smartine Indonesia Travel supports him both with donations and administrative issues, when necessary.

Details of the monthly allowencess and the 1-time donations

At the moment Imam and Smartine support 12 households in kampong Klojen and 9 households in kampong Suroparti. The project started in kampong Klojen at the end of 2016. In April 2018 kampong Suropati was added to the program. Both kampongs are a stone's throw from our office.
We started with about IDR 50,000 per household per month, both slowly we were able to donate IDR 100,000 per household per month. One should understand that Indonesia's social security system is certainly developing and for several reasons not yet reachabale for all those in need.
Our monthly allowences aren't that big of a number. We prefer not to have the receiver depending on our donations, but him being able to have some extra in addition to his plain plate with rice.
Herewith the details.

The table is WORK IN PROGRESS and not yet complete. We just recently changed our presentation as we don't have the man-power to keep it up to date per person as we used to do.
You can click on the names written in red if you like to have some more details about a particular household. And, you will find some additional background information on interesting topics such as health care or praking fees.

Name   # of people in the household   In the program since   Reason   Ended   Average amount in IDR / month  
Devi   3   February 2018   To pay Devi's kindergaten fees. His father, Deni, is handicapped.   May 2020   80,000  
Mrs. Mesira   6   March 2017   Mrs. Mesira had a stroke and now can only sit. She lives with her son Yayang, daughter in law, and their 3 children. Yayang works for a bank refilling ATM's. They also have to provide for his mother in law who also suffered a stroke.   Ongoing   100,000  
Mrs. Teteh   4   April 2018   Her husband sufferes from an unknown disease and works if his health lets him to. Mrs. Teteh's 2 children are still in highschool   Ongoing   75,000  
Mr. Iyong   1    April 2018   Iyong is disabled, both phisically and mentally. No. He doesn't have an identity card. He doesn't have an address... Mr. Iyong isn't just one. He is one of many. Despite, every day he searches for small jobs.   January 2021 - Deceased   75,000  
Miss Kemiati   2   April 2018   Miss Kemiati lives with her sister, both widows. Both haven't children and therefore no social security.   Ongoing   75,000  
Mr. Choirul Handoko   3   April 2018   Mentally handicapped.   Ongoing   75,000  
Mr. Robert   2   February 2017   Mr. Robert is 75 years of age and has a daily income of about USD 3 by reparing watches. His wife is mentally getting unstable. Though his low income he still manages to share with a single mother and a man who is living alone.   January 2020 - Deceased   75,000  
Mr. Slamet   3   April 2018   Mr. Slamet had a stroke. As a result his wife runs their small shop on her own, but with limitations of course.   Ongoing   75,000  
Miss Ida   6   February 2017   Miss Ida is illiterate. She lives with her father and mother, and her sister with her 2 children. The husband of Ida's sister is a fisherman and comes home every now and then. An income is far from certain   Ongoing   75,000  
Viano   3   February 2017   Viano is 6 years and lives with his grandparents. Kindergarten isn't for free. Monthly (grand)parents have to pay a certain amount. Though, when entering secondary school they should be able to read and write.   July 2018 - secondary school   120,000  
Mrs. Ami   5   April 2018   Mrs. Ami takes care of her parents in law and her 2 children. Alone, as her husband passed away.   Ongoing   75,000  
Miss Susi   2   April 2018   Miss Susi lives with her sister and a physical disabled relative. Income is uncertain. They depend on their aunt to send money.   Ongoing   75,000  
Mr. Melka   1   January 2017   Mr. Melka has a troubled mind and help isn't available.   Ongoing   75,000  
Ibu Tum   1   January 2017   Ibu Tum is a gifted masseur of babys and children. The number of orders a week is uncertain. Those who aks for her help, give what they can miss or think the massage is worth.       75,000  
Ibu Munir   1   January 2017   In the past she married. She was the second wife of her husband. She didn't get any children. She has been the toilet-lady of kampong Klojen for about 40 years.   July 2018 - Deceased   75,000  
Mr. Ewer   5   January 2017   Mr. Ewer his mental status is below average; he can't talk, but is determined to help his family. Ewer works as a porter at the market and earns about USD 1.50 a day.   Ongoing   75,000