social support

  • Disabled man

    Wife of the disabled man in Lovina Beach - BaliFieldwork in Bali at Lovina Beach... A happy outing... An unforgettable moment.

  • Debts

    DebtsThere are numerous reasons why one finds himself with debts... It is an enormous burden. We try to help those with a debt-burden by offering an interest free loan.

  • Just needed crayons

    Just crayons for a kidMr. Santoso was born in kampong Klojen and till a few years ago also lived here. Forced by circumstances he now lives about 15 km east of Malang.

  • Mrs. Munir - the washing and toilet lady of Kampong Klojen in MalangMore or less 72 years old, mrs. Munir has almost been forever the 'toilet-lady' in kampong Klojen.

  • Ibu Tum - Kampong KlojenA harsh life; being an old woman and left alone... Depending on those who care.

  • Mrs. Mesira - picture is not yet availableKid Devi is 5 years of age. Time to go to school. To have some fun. To make some friends.

  • Ibu Ida in kampong KlojenMiss Ida can't read or write. She works in and around the Kampong to earn a living.

  • miss kemiatia 357 170Miss Kemiati sells chips for a living, if she has money to buy the needed potatoes.

  • Miss Susi is part of the Monthly Allowances programMiss Susi can't walk anymore. She lives with her sister and a disabled relative.

  • Mr Slamet on his bed - kampong Suropati, MalangMr. Slamet is being taken care of by his wife and his son.

  • Mr. Choirul Handoko is part of Kampong Klojen project Mr. Handoko used to sell newspapers and retailed gasoline in front of his brother's house. Then he got hit by a motorbike.

  • Mr. Ewer in front of Klojen market - monthly allowencesMr. Ewer is one of a kind. His mental disability is certainly made up for by his big heart.

  • Mr. Iyong at work in the motor garage in the kampong - MalangMr. Iyong is both physically and mentally disabled - he can't talk - and is totally on his own...


  • Mr. Melka - citizenship of Kampong Klojen, Malang, East JavaIf there would be profound and specialized help for people like Milka, he wouldn't be troubled.

  • Mr. Robert at his watch stand in front of Klojen marketThe "watch man" of Kampong Klojen. This 75 years old man repairs watches and takes care of others.

  • Miss Ami monthly receives a gift from Smartine Indonesia TravelMrs Ami and her 2 children live with her parents in law as her husband died in 2017.

  • Mrs. Mesira - picture is not yet availableMrs Mesira is a woman in her sixties - more or less. She recently suffered a stroke.

  • Mrs. Landep standing at her door of her rented houseAfter a heart attack, Mrs. Landep can't get back to her former life.

  • Mrs Teteh is an inhabitant of Kampong Suropati in MalangMrs. Teteh lives with her husband and 2 children in a one room house of 4 x 7 m.


  • Orphanage in Malang

    An orphanage in Malang - a child in orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village, Malang regency in East JavaWe donate irregular to an orphanage in Malang, namely Al Kaaf in Jabung village. Mr. Yazid - the owner - and his wife take care of about 100 children varying in age. An incredible task.