Kampong Warna Warni - Malang, East Java

Once a slum, now a colorful tourist destination: Jodipan. Jodipan is an area in Malang caught between the railroad, the river Brantas and the main road Jl. Gatot Subroto. All houses are coloured and many houses are ornamented with paintings by artists.

Those who travel to Malang by train can't miss this colorful part of Malang.

Colourful initiative by Malang's students

The initiative to paint this part of the town, emerged from a number of students organised in the group "GuysPro" of the University Muhammadiyah Malang. The first idea was to change the behavior of the inhabitants, who throw all garbage in the river while its architectural landscape is beautiful. To improve the Kampong's performance a proposal was made to paint the kampong also as an incentive to take better care of sanitation problems. After approval by the local community, several mural artists were asked for their help and about 30 painters were set to work.

In addition to the increased awareness of sanitation, the tourists that visit this village also have an impact on people's economy. The locals started small businesses as selling drinks and snacks, and manage the parking area for the visitors.

Kampong Jodipan stands on state owned land

The inhabitants of Jodipan kampung are mainly settlers who built their houses on State owned land, though they pay taxes on land and buildings. The minister of Public Works and Housing, Basuki Hadimulyono, has visited the kampong on 23 September 2016. As the local living standards don't suit modern days, the minister tolerates the housing for the moment, but can't last forever. Relocation of the inhabitants will take time and isn't easy, according to the minister.

Malang's government recorded as many as 17 slums. It is estimated that about 15% or 31.000 people are living on river banks. About 600 hectare of slums need to be cleared. To handle the slums, Malang government received funds from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of IDR 30 billion (about USD 2,300,000).