Motorized transport is forbidden within the caldera of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park during the Tengger-Hindu holy month. All motorized transport includes Jeeps and motorbikes. The Bromo Sand Sea and the savanna or located within the caldera in which one can find the active volcano Bromo.


Hiking the savanna during the holy month at Mount Bromo - East Java, Indonesia


Bromo caldera closed for motorized transport: the possibilities for you to still visit Mount Bromo

The Bromo can be reached via three routes.
The first route is via Cemara Lawang village, north of Mount Bromo. Once at Cemara Lawang, you will have to continue on foot to reach one of the sunrise-viewpoints, including Mount Pananjakan viewpoint. The hike to the viewpoint Pananjakan takes about 1.5 hours, with start in Cemara Lawang. The hike to the Seruni viewpoint takes about 30 min. Keep in mind that you will be hiking during the night.
The second route is via Tosari village, also north of Mount Bromo. One can reach the viewpoint of Pananjakan by motorized transport. To reach Mount Bromo, you still have to walk, as Mount Bromo is situated in the Sand Sea within the caldera.
The third and most scenic route is via Tumpang and Ngadas with start in Malang city. Motorized transport will be stopped in Ngadas. Ngadas is a farmers village south of Mount Bromo. You could hike with a guide to Jemplang for sunrise, and later on to Mount Bromo.
The first and second route can both be done from Surabaya and Malang. Please contact us for more information.



Why is the Bromo caldera closed?

Every Kepitu month of the local Tengger calendar, the Bromo caldera will be closed. Kepitu month is the seventh month of the Tengger calendar. It is a holy month in which the Tengger people fast; they only will eat basic food - known under the name 'laku puasa mutih'. This year it is the first time that the Bromo caldera is closed for one month.
Rehabilitation of nature is a positive side effect.

The 'Bromo caldera closed' will be ended by 25 February 2020. Then all is back to normal.