The Denpasar City Government has campaigned for reducing the use of plastic bags since 2017. I Wayan Hendaryana, the Head of Public Relations Information and Publication Denpasar City, will distribute environmentally friendly bags at the car free day event to get people acquainted with environmental issues in relation to plastic.

 The plastic reduction Denpasar Bali


At some traditional markets trolley baskets are already  provided. One cannot get any plastic bag at the market. Shoppers need to bring their own shopping bags to bring groceries home. In the future all traditional markets will use shopping carts and shopping baskets to reduce the amount of plastic bags. As read on the Denpasar city Instagram account, residents support this proposal. 


Bali plastic reduction: Indonesia ranked second in plastic waste production

The aim of the local Denpasar government is to minimize the impact of Bali plastic waste, as plastic is very difficult to decompose. Plastics in rivers and seas impacts the marine biota, as the plastic decomposition process can last up to hundreds of years.

According to data from the Indonesian Plastic Industry Association (INAPLAS) and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Indonesia is ranked second as the largest contributor to plastic waste in the world in 2018. As many as 64 million tons of plastic waste per year are produced in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government issued two ministerial regulations. The first regulation is to reduce the use of plastic shopping  bags. The second regulation is to stimulate the producers to redesign their product’s packing to recyclable and reusable packings.


Deathly effects of plastic: Sperm Whale found dead in Sulawesi

A 9.5-meter sperm whale has been found dead on southeast Sulawesi’s beach on 11 November 2018. According to activists from the local Lestari Alam Foundation, it is estimated that the whale's death was caused by plastic waste. Around 5.9 kg plastic waste was found in the whale’s stomach.
Plastic waste found in the whale's stomach includes 3.26 kg raffia straps, 4 plastic bottles, 115 plastic cups, 2 flip flops, and 25 plastic bags.