Barong Singo Art is a dance show witha lion-headed man accompanied by Javanese music. Pencak Silat is the traditional Indonesian martial art. Kuda Lumping is a Javanese dance where horse riders ride bamboo horses and get in trance and do crazy thing, while AndeAndeLumut is a drama show about a prince who is searching for a wife accompanied by Javanese music.

festival kampung cempluk


The Cempluk Village Festival is part of the annual cultural and people's market week. The festival is held in Kampung Cempluk, just north of the Dieng housing area east of Malang city center. 


Oil lamps and education in Kampung Cempluk

Kampung Cempluk got connected to the electricity network in 1992. As other areas around Malang were already connected, they called the kampung Cempluk. Cempluk is Javanese for oil lamp. These oil lamps were made from glass and could be found in all kind of models.

In Kampung Cempluk the average level of education is elementary school. The kampung is special because of its strong social structure and the impressive arts.


Origin Kampung Cempluk Festival

As the various artists in Kampung Cempluk needed space to exhibit their arts, the idea of Kampung Cempluk Festival was born. The first festival was organized in 2009. It then became a yearly returning festivity.


How to reach kampung cempluk

The kampong can easily be reached by private car, but parking your car might be a problem. A good alternative is to use on of the applications Grab or Gojek. You can also call one of the regular Malang taxis.

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