Malang heritage museum - MPU Purwa Museum - was officially re-opened on 14 July 2018. The museum was inaugurated by Muhadjir Efendy, the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. The museum building stands on 1800 square meters of land and exhibits 58 artifacts from a total collection of 136 relics. The PURWA MPU Museum aims to save heritage.

Collection at MPU PURWA Museum in Malang city


The Purwa Museum opened its doors for the first time on 2 May 2004. At that time the museum displayed antiques and relics from ancient kingdoms. Due to necessary renovations, the museum closed its doors for several years. 


The museum is back with special items!

The museum is back with a minimalist building clad with modern technology and a more attractive order. Malang’s cultural heritage has not been properly recognized and mainly going unnoticed.

The most special artifact of the museum is a Ganesha statue; Ganesha is standing on a mouse. This type of statue has only be found in India and in Malang. Usually Ganesha stands on a lotus flower. The Ganesha statue is one of the famous deities in Hinduism and stands for knowledge and intelligence.


Malang heritage: digging into history

Historically, in the 8th century Malang had been the center of the Kingdom of Kanjuruhan, the first known kingdom in East Java. In the 13th century Malang became the capital of the Kingdom of Tumampel. The last kingdom that was established in Malang is the Kingdom of Sengguruh. Also the last Hindu kingdom in Java. Because Malang was the seat for many kings, many ancient relics are found.


Location & How to get to MPU PURWA Museum

The MPU PURWA Museum is located at Soekarno Hatta Street 210. The museum is located in the Griyasanta Housing area, near the Brawijaya University and the Brawijaya hospital.
You have several options to get to the museum. The first is by private car. Your second option is to use one of the applications Grab or Gojek to arrange your online private cab. Of course you can also call a regular taxi (or ask the reception of your hotel). Your fourth option is by public transport. By public bus is a bit complicated, depending on where you are staying. Just ask in your hotel for the options. A ride in a blue minibus costs IDR 4,000 per person.



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