The story goes that the Madura bull races were introduced after the attempts to improve the poor soil used us agricultural land. One day prince Katandur - one of the prominent figures of the Islamic religion - introduced the ploughing method using bulls. As a result, the barren land turned into fertile land. Crops became abundant and certain parts of Madura became fertile and prosperous.

Karapan sapi in Sumenep Madura

As an expression of joy Prince Katandur invited people in his village to organize bull races. Nowadays the bull races are a traditional folk party event that is passed down from generation to generation. The bull races became a tradition. Only the name was changed from Balapan Sapi to Karapan Sapi to make it even more popular. 



Location of the Madura bull racing

The territory of Sumenep Regency is at the eastern end of the island of Madura. Administratively the district of Sumenep belongs to the province of East Java.
You have 2 possibilities to reach the city of Sumenep. The first is by bus. The price is around IDR 50,000. Secondly you can fly from from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya directly to Trunojoyo Airport in Sumenep. The price is around IDR 350,000, one flight daily at 12:45. A thirty minutes flight only.



Accommodation in Sumenep

One can find several hotels in Sumenep. But accommodation is limited. Don’t expect anything fancy. Check at or at



Interesting locations to visit during your Madura trip

As Madura is an island, one could expect some beautiful beaches. Lombang beach and Slopeng beach at the north of the island are about a 30 min drive.
Also interesting are Kraton Sumenep east of the central city park and Mesjid Agung Sumenep just west of the city park.




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