Ngudel beach - pantai Ngudel - is one of Malang's exotic beaches. Ngudel is a long stretch of white sandy beach in between the more well-known beaches Balekembang and Sendang Biru. Waves are big...


Developing Malang southern area

Ngudel beach is kept clean by the families who have a small local restaurant on the beach.
Local government decided to develop Malang's southern area a few years ago. The project started by building a road on the southern shore. Then beaches were explored and opened to the public.
Local farmers mainly grow bananas and rice. Small scaled farmers with a low income. They were given a piece of land near the beach to open small local restaurants.
These from origin farmers are the ones who keep your beach clean. They also offer fresh water to shower and you can use the toilet.


Camping on the beach is for free

Camping on the beach is free. There aren't yet any rules. You would like to spend the night? Just get out there. Choose one of Malang's fine beaches and have some fun.

Though camping is free all beaches have an entrance where you will have to pay for your ticket. Herewith Ngudel's prices: 
Per person: IDR 10,000
Per car: IDR 15,000
Per motorbike: IDR 5,000


What to bring to Ngudel beach

As on any beach, mosquitos are hungry. Bring some mosquito repellent to save your day.
Food and drinks are available in the local restaurants and is a good way to improve local living conditions. Otherwise you can also bring whatever you like.



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