Staying in Malang? Traveling to Malang? There are plenty of reasons to stay longer than just one night. One of the reasons could be Batu. Check out these jolly fun activities. Not yet famous....

tree house batu

Batu is a city about 20 km northwest of Malang. From Malang you can get there by public transport. One can also rent a motorbike or a car.
Batu can be one of your reasons to stay longer in Malang. To get to know more about local culture. To travel slowly. To see more in stead of spending your time on the road. Another reason to stay longer in Malang could be Malang's southern beaches.


6 affordable things to do in Batu

  1. Grojogan Sewu waterfall. It is not necessarily the height of the waterfall that makes it beautiful but the surroundings - IDR 7,000 per person
  2. Cangar hotspring. The winding road to the hotspring decorated by the glass-green fields is a beauty - foreigner IDR 30,000 per person, locals IDR 10,000 per person
  3. Paragliding at mount Banyak - IDR 350,000 per person for a tandem flight
  4. If you don't like paragliding, mount Banyak is still worth a visit. Great views over Batu and Malang. And more than a few sites available. Tree house (rumah pohon, omah kayu) - IDR 10,000 per person. Fun garden called Taman Langit - IDR 10,000. Rabbit Garden - IDR 10,000. Irian Jaya house - IDR 20,000. Goa Pinus - IDR 5,000
  5. Rafting for great fun! Not for the skilled whitewater rafter.... If we have to class it, it might be class 2. The ride takes about 1.5 hours. The party should consist in at least 4 people - IDR 180,000 per person
  6. Pujon Kidul sawah cafe. The road to Pujon Kidul is bordered by farming land. Once at Pujon Kidul you have great views over rice fields. You can even try to plough, plant or harvest. Depending on the season. IDR - 5,000 per person


Famous natural sites in Batu

  1. Selecta, flower garden & swimming pool - foreigner IDR 125,000, locals IDR 48,000 per person. The price includes a few attractions inside the park, such as a flying fox and a pirate ship swing
  2. Rondo waterfall. About 85 m in height. Nowadays the park in which the waterfall is situated is very regulated.... - foreigner IDR 100,000 per person, locals IDR 47,000 per person. The price includes a natural labyrinth and a flying fox ride