Swimming together. Or just looking. The Tutul sharks swim at Java's northeast coast from January till April. About 50 sharks. How many you will see depends on your luck.

Boat at Bentar beach - used for Tutul shark spotting - Probolinggo, East Java

Starting point Bentar beach, Probolinggo. About 2 hours from mount Bromo.
You will need 2 to 3 hours for this tour. By boat you head to the sea. The Tutul shark swims about 2 to 5 km from the beach at 3 different spots. You will have to search for them.
Best time to spot the sharks is in the afternoon. If it is too hot - normally around noon - they tend to swim deeper. Best time is between 15:00 and 17:00.

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Swimming with Tutul sharks

As the shark mainly eats plankton, you can actually swim with the Tutul shark. You will get snorkeling gear and a life jacket (if needed).
Additional you will see many fishermen setting sail. And, sunset at Bentar beach can be marvelous.
Your chances in January and February are estimated at 85%.


Price Tutul shark tour - excursion

The price for the Tutul shark spotting tour is about USD 35 per boat. The Tutul shark swimming tour costs more or less USD 60 per boat.

Source: story, photos and film by Mul Indonesia - driver, Smartine Indonesia Travel