The raining season offers awe-inspiring scenes, if you are ready for an adventure... Meet the raining season from October or November till about March in Java, Indonesia. As actually no one recommends to travel during the wet season, I certainly can..... Here is why.

Raining season in East Java - mountain view

All good reasons to travel during wet monsoon in Java

Some parts of Java get flooded and your travel plans might have to get adjusted. Despite many disadvantages it can be a great experience. And with weather patterns changing globally, you never know what to expect whatever season you travel in.....

An advantage of traveling in for example November or February are the ridiculous cheap airfares. You can reach East Java via the international airport Juanda in Surabaya. Malang can be reach from Jakarta, Bandung and Denpasar. Hotels are almost empty, which gives you a choice and bargaining power. As hotels are empty, the main tourist destinations such as mount Bromo are far less visited. Storms and tropical lightning are dazzling from behind almost any window.... The temperature of the rain water in a tropical country is almost warm. The rain clears the air of dust and pollution which grants elegant photos. When it starts raining, trees and savannas are blooming green in stead of yellow and dried out.
Some awesome reasons, isn't it?


Weather conditions - best time to visit Java

As in other tropical countries, Indonesia's climate has two seasons, namely dry and wet. During these modern raining seasons it can rain from early morning or it can be a sunny clear day. The weather is unpredictable as it is during the dry season as well.
In general temperatures are consistently warm year round. The average daily temperatures hover around 28-30°C. The humidity during the raining season can make you sweet before the rain pours out.
Temperatures are cooler in the higher mountainous regions, such as the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park or at Ijen crater lake.


Surviving the wet season

- bring your "Havaianas" or something the-like as it is the best shoe to wear during the raining season. Or, no shoes at all is another option, depending on where you are walking
- an umbrella is often more comfortable than a rain coat as this moist warm climate is a sweating guarantee
- rain cover for your back pack
- waterproof container for your documents and mobile
- be patient as delays are quite common
- be happy and adventurous