As waterfalls are common sights in Indonesia, you won't be surprised to find many in Malang regency.

5 waterfalls described

Countless waterfalls are encountered in Malang's area. Some of them are hard to reach, others are over-exploited. We just mention 5, the get you warmed up to stay a bit longer in Malang. Waterfalls in Malang regency - East Java


Tumpak Sewu waterfall in Lumajang, Dampit

Climbing down a bamboo ladder is the most difficult part, as part of the attraction is getting to the waterfall. In 2015 a path was built straight down the cliff to the bottom of the ravine. Another route is via Tretes cave. The waterfall is located in a ravine. A with vegetation covered cliff guides the waterfall into a cool pool. This beautiful waterfall is situated in Lumajang.

It is a two hours drive from Malang and can also be visited on your way to Kalibaru or Jember. As the path is difficult it isn't recommendable for kids. Visit the waterfall during weekdays to have the waterfall all to yourself.


Sumber Pitu waterfall in Pujon

Sumper Pitu waterfall in Pujon - MalangIt is a walk to Sumber Pitu waterfall in Pujon. You will be treated good views over Pujon's hills with apple orchards, vegetables, cliffs and rocks. You will walk along the river with several small waterfalls along the way. If you are lucky, you will meet some monkeys while wandering to the waterfall.

Sumber Pitu means seven sources. The origin of the spring is located on a "cliff", where the water gushes out of the ground. Probably the spring is an underground river. Locals believe that the waterfall is related to Mt. Bromo.

Near Sumber Pitu you will also find Sumber Siji and Sumber Papat, where Siji is Javanese for one and Papat is Javanese for four.


Ciblungana waterfall in LumajangCiblungan waterfall also in Lumajang

Waterfall Ciblungan is easy accessible as it is only a 50 meters walk. Although the falls aren't that high, Ciblungan is still a natural beauty. The clear water is flowing into a shallow river which makes it possible to play and swim near the waterfall.

There aren't public facilities at the waterfall, bring your own food and drinks if you wish to spend some time.


Banyu Anjlok waterfall at the beach

Banyu Anjlok waterfall at the beach - south MalangBanyu is Javanese for water and Anjlok means falling. This waterfall with a wide of 7 m is situated on the beach. The water flows from sources in the hills to the beach. Under the waterfall there is a small cave that you can enter by breaking through a waterfall.

It is a three hours drive from Malang to the south. You can reach the waterfall after an interesting hike through farmer's fields. It's a nice climb down to the beach. Spending time at the beach and near the waterfall is relaxing. If you wish, you can also camp near the waterfall. Please don't stay camping when it is raining.

Considering that this place at Malang's southern beaches is relatively rarely visited, the region around the beach is still beautiful and hardly inhabited.


Cinde waterfall in Benjor village - East JavaCoban Cinde in Benjor village

One can find this waterfall about 27 km east from Malang city. Another waterfall with a height of about 50 m is greeting you just before you will see Cinde waterfall. Cinde waterfall is 30 m high, and still very natural.


Malang is your base to start your explorations

Malang is a different city. It has flair, fresh air, history, many students to make the city alive, on its way to be modern, with a lot of traditions. It is a good base for your explorations in East Java if you aren't in a hurry but would like to experience something more than just the highlights.